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Gutter repair and maintenance are imperative to prevent your gutter shearing away from the fascia boards on your house. When it comes to gutters, it’s important to take action before issues reveal themselves.

The value of your home can drop dramatically from water damage when the gutters aren’t functioning.

Gutters that separate from the fascia board are fairly common problems for a homeowner to have. Gutter maintenance and repair is one of the best ways to ensure the damage is contained when it comes to bad gutters.

Fixing up your shearing gutters is sometimes better left to the professionals. However, there are a few DIYs that you can do to fix a gutter from completely pulling away from the fascia. Before we get to the DIYs, let’s take a closer look at why well-maintained gutters are so important.

Why are functioning gutters so important?

A gutter system ensures that the water that falls from your roof will not flow downward in a straight path toward the ground around the building. If rain is allowed to run off directly down the side of the building, the water will pool around your home’s foundation and can cause extensive and critical damage.

Pooling water will lead to a crumbling foundation, mold growth, and other health hazards. Runoff from your roof will also interfere with the gardens and grass around your home.

Your home’s value will rapidly decrease if any of these issues are left unattended from faulty gutters.

Why Are Your Gutters Tearing Away From The Fascia?

Sometimes prevention is the best solution. When you see a problem with your gutters, the problem has already set in. Taking action ahead of time to prevent gutter issues is key to maintaining your home.

Too Much Weight

Rain gutters sag and eventually pull away from the fascia board when the gutters are holding too much weight. Too much weight can be caused by water and debris building up and being left in the gutters for extended periods. Prevent any gutters from pulling away with regular gutter repair.

Incorrect Installation

Gutter maintenance and repairs are one of the leading ways to prevent gutters from tearing away from the fascia board. But incorrect installation is one of the major reasons your gutters are falling off the fascia.

An installer may have failed to check the condition of the fascia before attaching the gutters, or the fastenings were incorrectly installed. This leads to many detachments around the house.

Badly Installed Brackets and Hangers

If the gutters begin to tear away from the house, it could be because the hangers and brackets are too far apart. The gutters will sag and pull away from the house.

You will need new brackets, spikes, and hangars will need to be installed to prevent the weight of any water and debris from pulling the gutter away again.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are built to withstand a lot of battering, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t susceptible to damage. When they are repeatedly hit by flying tree branches and other debris, they can be pulled away from the fascia. The damaged sections need replacing, but you might need to replace the entire system if you have the seamless gutter type.

How to Fix Your Gutters

Preventing gutters from pulling away from the fascia is the best way to ensure your gutter system remains intact. That means when you see a loose gutter, you need to have it fixed right away.

Install Hanging Brackets

The Family Handyman says installing fascia hanging brackets is the best way to prevent loose gutters. Out of all the DIY fixes you can implement on your gutters yourself; this is one of the simplest. You only need to hook the bracket under the front of the gutter and screw it into the fascia.

Seal Leaky Spots

Rotting fascia is a major problem for your gutter system. To prevent this from happening, ensure that any leaky gutters are taken care of before they become a problem. Head to the hardware store and pick out a gutter sealer specifically formulated for sealing gutter seams.

This will give the gutters long-lasting protection from the sun and water and can be submerged underwater for long periods.

Regular Gutter Maintenance

Gutter cleaning will prevent your gutters from building up with debris and getting heavy while also preventing overflows of water and ensuring the gutters are securely attached to the fascia board.

Gutter maintenance can be dangerous if you are inexperienced with climbing ladders and doing DIY work. Calling a professional to handle any issues with your gutters is often the best option.

You can prevent any need for gutter repairs with regular cleaning and maintenance from an experienced crew.

Take action before your gutters begin shearing away from the fascia on your house. Regular gutter maintenance prevents unnecessary damage to your house, foundations, and garden.