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Unlike in most countries, the US has a private healthcare system where people lacking insurance pay for treatment out of their own pockets. Making things worse, the healthcare for sale is among the world’s most expensive, even though it leads to some of the worst health outcomes of any country.

Doctors didn’t create the system in which they work. They just want to treat patients. But they also need to pay bills, and keeping the lights on and paying for equipment and wages isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are medical debt collection specialists better suited to handling this task.

Professional Skip Tracing

Medical professionals are in a bind when they need to hunt down debtors. Any time they spend away from work represents patients they can’t treat and money they can’t make. However, they also can’t let money owed go uncollected.

The very best debt collection professionals have a private licensed investigator on their staff whose services clients can access for no extra charge. If you can find a debt collection company with its own in-house investigator, it’s the best and quickest way to track debtors who don’t want to be found.

They won’t just find them; they’ll find their assets, too. Once those are found, they can encourage them professionally to make their payments.

Reputations Intact

Healthcare professionals don’t want to upset or anger patients, but they need to collect money from them, and doing both can be tricky. The best debt collectors work very hard at being respectful and kind to everybody they deal with, no matter the circumstance.

Even better, there’s no conflict between being kind to debtors and collecting what they owe! The best debt collection companies can collect nearly double the industry average while showing respect for everybody they encounter.

Doctors work hard to develop a good reputation for their business and a pleasant bedside manner with patients. Tactics associated with debt collectors, like robocalls or threats, can undermine their branding work and leave a sour taste in patients’ mouths.

100% HIPAA Compliant

Doctors are privy to a lot of sensitive personal information about patients, which must then be kept confidential. Patients deserve the legal protections they get under HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Some debt collections are more difficult than others as they have strict conditions that must be met. Medical debt collectors need to ensure they don’t violate HIPAA, or they can open up the possibility of fines, lawsuits, and other negative outcomes.

Doctors work hard to protect their patients’ health, but they also need to keep private information private while also ensuring they’re safe from all the backlash and problems that can come with a HIPAA violation.

If you’re a medical professional, you know how important it is to give all your focus and attention to patients. But there are also practical needs, like paying the bills. If you’re owed money and can’t let it go uncollected, call a professional debt collector who fits the above description.