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Do you have dreams of becoming the next Instagram Influencer? It may seem a huge challenge to make your account stand out among all the noise on this social platform, but it is possible! With determination and the right strategies, you can turn your dreams into reality and gain thousands of followers.

Given that Instagram is a visual platform make sure your captions for those photographs are top-notch to maximize engagement and followership. In this blog post, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of making it big on Instagram so that you can get famous faster. By taking in our advice and not forgetting to keep believing in yourself – You’ll be well on your way to becoming an Instagram sensation!


Post interesting and high-quality photos

With so many users on Instagram, it can take a lot of work to gain fame. Nevertheless, there are various things you may do to catch the attention of a broad audience. A key component for gaining fame is by putting effort into creating exciting and high-quality posts. You want to ensure your photos are well-composed and of good quality; this way, your content will stand out from other users’ feeds. It may help to find someone with experience in photography or editing to guide you in taking better pictures and carefully curating your profile. Additionally, an exciting caption that either provides an associated story or adds context can amp up the post! Investing time into perfecting your photo posts can contribute to more likes, followers, and overall success on Instagram.

Use a mix of filters and editing tools to enhance your photos.

Using a mix of filters and editing tools is a no-brainer and an easy way to get famous. You can also learn about these simple Instagram growth tips and tricks on stormlikes blog.  Not only does a bit of tweaking add a professional vibe to your photos, but it also lets you personalize each image and bring out the colors and tones that express your unique style. No matter what techniques you use, from basic adjustments to creative filters, explore each tool’s advanced options for the most impressive visual results! Whether cropping for optimal composition or fine-tuning exposure settings, taking advantage of all the editing features available allows you to enhance your photos in whatever way best suits your aesthetic. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to keep experimenting until you achieve what you set out for – after all, perfection takes time!

Stay active and engaged with your followers.

If your goal is to become an Instagram influencer, staying active and engaged with your followers should be a top priority. Connecting with people and responding to their comments and messages demonstrates that you care about them and shows them you are approachable. Use the insights from Instagram to understand which of your posts earns the most engagement from users so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly; pay attention to the likes, shares, saves, and general comments on each post you make. Be bold and update your stories frequently, which helps increase followers when used strategically. Humanize yourself by interacting with other influencers and user content that interests you and responding kindly to criticism; it will help build a positive image around your profile. All these techniques combined will help boost visibility and give new life to an existing profile – or launch an entirely new one.

Be patient.

It may seem like everyone else has achieved overnight success, but they probably put in a lot of hard work and dedication over time. Being patient gives you a chance to establish yourself and your unique style while building a fanbase who’ll appreciate your art or content more and remain loyal in the long run. Keep going even if it takes a while for your user base to expand – use this time wisely to perfect your content and interact with others in the community you’re trying to break into. From researching strategies that successful Instagram stars have used to be open-minded about innovative ideas from other users – there are plenty of ways that you can utilize your patience and get better results in the long run!


Don’t post too many selfies

If you’re looking to make your Instagram account into more than just pictures of yourself and your friends, it’s essential not to take the “selfie” route. Posting too many selfies or pictures of yourself can quickly lead people away from your page, as it can become dull or annoying. Focusing on creating compelling visual content is vital. The more attention-grabbing and original the photos you post are, the better! If that caption game isn’t up to par–that’s okay! Using hashtags would be a great resource to explore and grow your reach.

Only post pictures that are relevant.

If you’re finding ways to get famous on Instagram, a lot goes into creating a successful and engaging account. One of the essential pieces of advice is only to post pictures relevant to your specific aesthetic or message. If you’re running a fashion account, it is better to post pictures of tuna sandwiches, even if they’re delicious! Consistency is vital when gaining followers, so be bold, choose one specific topic, and stick with it. Doing so will help your content stand out and create more engagement from users who appreciate seeing quality posts about the topics they love. That said, remember to switch things up here and there – strategically, of course – but make sure every picture aligns with your overall tone and theme for maximum engagement.

Don’t post unoriginal or clichéd content.

If your dream is to become an Instagram superstar, you must focus on creating original and creative content. Copying others’ photos or regurgitating clichés will never help you stand out from the crowd on social media. Copying others’ ideas is illegal in many countries, as copyright infringement claims are severe matters! You can use trends as inspiration but make sure your content is unique and doesn’t replicate someone else’s work. If you approach your channel as a source of original artwork and ideas that reflect your personality, it’s more likely to attract attention from people interested in what you offer. Put yourself out there by showing off your diverse skills, be it photography, illustration, comedy sketches, etc., which will more regularly engage existing followers and entice new ones!

Don’t be spammy or promotional.

When focusing on growing your Instagram presence, it can be tempting to post frequent reminders and promotions about your business. However, if done too frequently or too aggressively, you may lose followers who will find your posts too promotional or even deem them “spammy.” Doing so will make users tune out rather than respond to your offer. To maximize engagement and grow followers, focus on delivering content that users deem helpful and valuable in some way; think more than just ‘selling’ to get noticed. Keep promotions for special occasions, and throw in useful tips—or better yet, engaging stories – instead of straight-up product advertisements in the mix. Consistently fresh content with well-thought-out copy reigns supreme when building brand credibility online almost every time!


If you want to make your Instagram account stand out, there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do. Following the dos and don’ts outlined in this post will help you avoid common mistakes people make when trying to build a famous account on Instagram. Just remember that slow and steady growth is usually the best (and most sustainable) way to increase your followers and get noticed by brands. Have patience, be yourself, create great content, and engage with other users, and you’ll eventually reach your goal of becoming Insta-famous.