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Passing the CISA exam requires a minimum score of 450. The number of questions correctly answered is converted into a scaled score to calculate your CISA exam scoring results. You must also have at least five years of experience in professional information system auditing, control, and security.

CISA is notoriously difficult. Only 50% of test-takers pass, with even lower scores for first-timers. It is crucial to prepare for the exam by studying and learning before you take it. The exam content and syllabus are not particularly difficult, according to most readers. It is a single-part exam that has only 150 questions. It is much lighter than other niche exams.

How can I prepare for the CISA exam?

  • You should pick a time for studying and keep it consistent. Consistency is key. You can choose to take a CISA review course at an accredited training institution, or an online CISA review course. CISA applicants should also review the CISA Review Manual.
  • CISA exam grades are based on 200-800 points. It is compulsory to score 450 or more to pass the CISA exam.
  • Don’t stress about your CISA score percentile, or how many questions need to be answered. Focus on your performance and not worry about how high you score, If you have any then you can visit this site for more information about us.
  • The CISA exam does not have negative markings. Each question is worth 1 mark, with no negative marks. The total number of questions you will be answering is 150. The score is converted into a graded score, based on scores from other participants. The graded score is then plotted using a scale from 200 to 800, with 450 being the passing mark.

How often can you take the CISA examination?

An individual can take the exam four times within a rolling year. This includes the initial attempt, three retakes, and the final attempt. The 365 rolling calendar dates start from the date of the first attempt.

Note: Individuals who retake an exam must purchase a new registration for each attempt.

The exam is taken by more than 27,000 IT professionals each year. CISA is a single-part exam that has 150 multiple-choice questions. This exam was originally 200 questions. It covers five domains. CISA certification training in Toronto, Canada, validates the certificate holder’s abilities and expertise to evaluate vulnerabilities, report compliance issues and implement IT security controls successfully for an organization.

Is CISA a professional qualification?

Benefits CISA is a highly sought-after certification program for professionals in information systems audit, control, and security. Visit this site for CISA certification will improve these essential skills and give you an edge over your peers.

Learn about the topics covered in the CISA exam

  • Governance of IT and Management.
  • Information Systems Acquisition and Development. Implementation.
  • Protection of Information Assets.

Candidates for ISACA’s highly regarded CISA designation can now take their exam via computer-based testing (CBT). CBT allows you to take the exam in person on a computer located at an approved testing center. These can be arranged through ISACA International at the time of CISA exam registration.