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Have you ever felt strangely drawn to things that unsettle or disturb you? We all have a bit of darkness in us that finds evil energy oddly appealing. Maybe you can’t look away from a gory horror flick or find villains in stories weirdly charismatic. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. Our fascination with the macabre is an intrinsic part of human nature.

Evil energy exerts a gravitational pull on our psyche that’s hard to escape. We’re compelled to rubberneck at car crashes and pore over news stories of unthinkable crimes. There’s a primal part of our brain that finds the disturbing and frightening morbidly alluring. While we may not fully understand why we’re attracted to the dark side, accepting this tendency in ourselves is the first step to channeling that energy into more positive outlets. The darkness will always be there – the question is, will you make it your friend or your enemy?

The Allure of Evil: Why We’re Fascinated by Darkness

There’s just something about the dark side that calls to us. Maybe it’s the mystery. The intrigue.The temptation of the forbidden. Whatever the reason, evil energy exerts a strong pull.

The Allure of the Unknown

We’re drawn to darkness because it represents the unknown. Our curiosity seeks to uncover what lurks in the shadows, even if we know we shouldn’t look. This attraction to mystery helps explain why we binge true crime stories and can’t look away from disturbing news reports.

The Thrill of Danger

Evil also thrills us. Our attraction to darkness is a twisted form of excitement seeking. We get an adrenaline rush from dangerous situations, even if only experienced vicariously. This helps explain why horror movies, haunted houses, and reality shows about dangerous jobs are so popular.

The Comfort of Comparison

Seeing true darkness also makes us feel better about ourselves in comparison. We can look at serial killers, terrorists, and tyrants and feel relieved that we’re not that evil. This tendency towards downward social comparison helps satisfy our need to feel moral and upstanding.

While darkness may call to us, we must resist its siren song. Understanding the roots of our attraction to evil is the first step to overcoming its allure and choosing the light. Our curiosity is best satisfied through learning and growth, not dwelling in shadow. Thrill seeking can be better achieved through adventure and new experiences, not danger. And self-worth is best built from within, not by comparing ourselves to those who are morally bankrupt.

Embracing Your Shadow: Integrating the Dark Parts of Yourself

To embrace your shadow side, you must first accept that it exists. We all have parts of ourselves that we prefer to ignore or repress – but that doesn’t make them go away.

Acknowledging your darkness

The truth is, there are aspects of your personality that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. Maybe you have feelings of jealousy, anger, greed, or selfishness that you try to push down. But recognizing these traits is the first step to integrating them in a healthy way.

Some tips for acknowledging your shadow:

  • Pay attention to moments of annoyance, irritation, or strong negative emotions. What triggered those feelings? Sit with them instead of brushing them aside.
  • Notice recurring patterns in your relationships or interactions that stem from your insecurities or fears. For example, a tendency to be possessive or controlling in relationships due to a fear of abandonment.
  • Do some self reflection on parts of yourself that you don’t like to admit. It’s uncomfortable, but shine a light on your ego, prejudices, and less noble impulses. Don’t judge yourself, just observe with honesty and compassion.

Accepting our darkness is challenging but necessary work. The shadow will always be there, so make friends with it instead of fighting a losing battle. When you embrace the parts of yourself that are messy and imperfect, they lose their power over you. And that is the path to wholeness.

Protecting Your Energy: Ways to Shield Yourself From Negative Forces

Protecting your energy from negative forces is important for your wellbeing. There are several ways to shield yourself from evil energy:

Set Clear Boundaries

Establish boundaries about what you will and will not allow into your space. Be selective about who and what you give your time and energy to. Learn to say “no” when needed to avoid draining yourself. Fill your space with positive things that lift you up.

Practice Self-Care

Make sure to regularly recharge and renew yourself. Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising are all ways to keep your energy levels high. Do small things each day that you find meaningful or enjoyable. Staying in a positive state of mind will make you less susceptible to negative energy.

Use Protective Tools

Certain objects can help shield you from evil energy. Crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian and shungite are thought to absorb negative energy. Essential oils such as frankincense, sandalwood and clove have protective properties. You might also use a Himalayan salt lamp to help purify the air in your space. Visualization techniques where you surround yourself in a protective white light bubble can also be effective.

Evil Energy 2

Stay Grounded

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to stay grounded and balanced. Walking barefoot, hugging trees, gardening or just sitting outside are all grounding activities. Grounding helps release any built-up negative energy while strengthening your connection to the earth. Make an effort to limit time in front of screens and social media which can make you feel unsettled and drained. Staying grounded provides an energetic shield.

By setting boundaries, practicing self-care, using protective tools and staying grounded, you can empower yourself against the threat of negative forces and evil energy. Maintaining your energetic health is one of the most important things you can do for your overall wellbeing.


So there you have it. We all have a bit of darkness in us, a morbid curiosity that draws us to the creepy and disturbing. Don’t feel bad about it – as long as you keep things in check and don’t act on any twisted impulses, enjoying a bit of evil energy fittings in fiction or entertainment is totally normal. In fact, giving in to your dark side through imaginary means can be a fun release and help you better appreciate the light. The next time you get the urge to dive into something sinister, go for it. Read a Stephen King novel, binge American Horror Story, visit a haunted house. Just be sure to turn on all the lights when you’re done and maybe watch a comedy as a palette cleanser. The darkness is always more fun when you know you can escape back to the light.