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So, you’ve finally landed your dream internship in a great megalopolis where you can finally put your skills to the test and showcase your talents! But while you’re reveling in euphoria and envisioning the endless professional opportunities ahead of you, others interns are actively searching for affordable housing, which, unfortunately, is very scarce in summer. If you’re lucky, your employer may provide you with free accommodation. Still, if they don’t or you find suggested housing options inappropriate for some reasons, the odds are high you’ll have difficulty locating a suitable apartment in your desired area. That’s where rental apartments might come in handy.

If you’ve ever hunted for comfortable and affordable internship housing in NYC, you might have experienced the consequences of accommodation shortage firsthand and thus know how tricky finding the right place for a summer internship can be. But don’t let the summer accommodation shortage prevent you from getting the most out of your long-awaited internship. There’s some useful advice below that can help you locate and rent the best accommodation faster.

Browse the Internet

As usual, you want to start your searches with Google. There are plenty of great housing companies and real estate agencies that help interns and students rent nice apartments not far from their campuses or intern jobs. And you don’t even need to visit them personally to explore the options. All reputable housing companies have websites featuring rental properties for every taste and budget. Should you locate a suitable option, don’t hesitate to get a hold of a housing manager and discuss the details with them. In the summer, nice accommodation sells like hot cakes.

Ask Your Employer for Help

If your company doesn’t provide any free housing, inquire about other ways they can assist you with your temporary accommodation search or paying your rent. Your company may offer some grants or scholarships that can help their trainees pay their rent. Some employers that tend to hire interns also may offer monthly wage bumps aimed at helping their employees settle down in a new city. What’s more, your company can actually help you source your accommodation by supplying you with local information. If you’re lucky, your managers or colleagues can even put you in touch with homeowners offering housing at affordable prices in your preferred location.

Partner Up with Other Trainees

Any college student knows that having a roommate is a great way to reduce housing costs. And the same rule applies for intern housing.

Undoubtedly, you’re not the only interns in a huge city looking for a suitable residence. And you might be better off partnering up with other people hunting for rental accommodation for their summer internships.

If there are no other new interns in your company, don’t get upset. Take to social media to find other trainees in search of affordable apartments and cooperate with them. Not only will this help you split the costs and thus save a bundle on your rent but also speed up the search process. Having someone by your side who knows what you’re going through and can share your experiences is a surefire way to beat loneliness and occasional frustration, which might be commonplace in a new city.

Look Farther Than Your Preferred Area

It is normal to feel awkward and out of place in a new city. Lots of newcomers experience similar feelings, and therefore, they start looking for a rental apartment close to their internship jobs.

You also might feel disoriented and thus unable to navigate a new city easily at first. But it shouldn’t be long before you learn your way around. And once it happens, you might want to explore other housing opportunities, including those that are farther from your work. After all, commuting wasn’t a problem back in your city. So, if you have a car or can find a suitable public transportation option, consider renting an apartment somewhere on the outskirts of the city, where accommodation is considerably cheaper.

Get a Sponsor

Finding a reliable sponsor can be a great way to source additional accommodation funding. There are organizations and companies out there that assist young professionals in paying for their internship. So, why not avail yourself of their help if you’re on a tight budget? Consider writing an official letter to your prospective sponsor or the organizations which can help you find one. Make sure to describe the nature of your internship and explain what impact your future training is going to have on your career and further life.

Hopefully, this will help you source the support you need to pay your rent and get the most out of your summer internship.