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Why Proper Riding Gear Is Essential for Motorcycle Safety

Hey there, fellow motorcycle enthusiast. If you’re in the market for a stylish, high-performance Aprilia bike, the first thing you’ll want to do is find your nearest certified Aprilia dealer. After all, these Italian beauties deserve dedicated care and maintenance from trained professionals who know them inside and out.

Once you’ve found a dealer you trust, you’ll want to invest in the proper riding gear to keep you safe out on the open road. A well-fitting helmet, protective jacket, gloves, boots, and pants aren’t just for beginners – they’re for any rider serious about their safety and comfort. You’ll also want to consider enrolling in a motorcycle safety course to brush up on your skills and learn any recent changes to the rules of the road.

Riding an Aprilia is a thrill like no other, but remember that with this power and passion comes responsibility. Find your perfect bike, gear up, learn all you can, and get ready to experience the ride of a lifetime! The adventures ahead await, find an Aprilia motorcycle dealer nearby and get riding.

Types of Motorcycle Safety Training Available for All Riders

Proper riding gear is essential for your safety and comfort on a motorcycle. Without it, even a minor accident could lead to serious injury.


A DOT-approved helmet is a must. Helmets absorb impact and protect your brain, which is pretty important! Look for a full-face helmet for the most coverage.

Jacket and Pants

A motorcycle jacket and riding pants provide impact protection as well as abrasion resistance in a slide. Get gear made of leather, mesh, or abrasion-resistant fabrics like Cordura. For extra protection, look for armor pads or plates in high-impact areas like the back, shoulders, elbows, and knees.


Your hands and wrists are vulnerable on a bike, so a sturdy pair of riding gloves is essential. Look for gloves with knuckle protection and palm padding. Leather gloves offer the most protection.


Motorcycle boots provide ankle support and protection. Boots with oil-resistant, non-slip soles and reinforced toe areas are best.


A pair of sunglasses or goggles protects your eyes from the wind, sun glare, dust and debris. Look for eyewear rated for motorcycle use.

Investing in high-quality riding gear may seem expensive, but it provides essential protection in the event of an accident and can last for many years. Your safety is worth the cost – ride safe!

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To become a safe and responsible motorcyclist, you’ll want to invest in both the right gear and proper training.

Types of Safety Courses

There are three main types of motorcycle safety courses:

  1. Basic – Covers motorcycle controls, starting, stopping, turning, and braking. Usually 3-5 hours and provides an introductory certification. Great for new riders.
  2. Experienced – For those with some seat time under their belt. Reviews basics but focuses on emergency braking, swerving and accident avoidance. Around 6-8 hours and provides an intermediate certification.
  3. Advanced – The most comprehensive option, usually 2-3 days. Covers skills at low speed, emergency situations at higher speeds, group riding, and night riding. Provides an advanced certification that may qualify you for insurance discounts.

No matter your experience level, taking a safety course is one of the best ways to gain confidence and learn techniques to avoid accidents. You’ll get guidance from certified instructors and practice on motorcycles provided for the class. Some courses may even supply helmets, gloves and other gear to borrow during your training.

With the right preparation and education, riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling lifelong hobby. Safety courses teach skills that all motorcyclists should know to share the road responsibly. Sign up for a class near you and get ready to ride – the open road is calling!