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In this current era fixing a flat pancake look or a “chicken butt” look is no longer a thing of the past. These looks are acceptable in our current culture and can be achieved by following some basic steps and some beauty tips. But if you’re looking to achieve a little more or full-on getting rid of all signs of your previous lifestyle, butt lift surgery may be the way to go.

Ways of Giving Your Behind A boost

Posterior pelvic tilt: Posterior pelvic tilt is basically when you tilt your pelvis forward, causing your butt to stick out more. With this technique, you move your hips forward and stand with your knees further apart. You can work on this by placing a magic circle (a piece of shaped foam) or a soft cushion or pillow between your back and the chair you sit on while working at the computer or while watching TV.

Increase your gluteal mass: You may need to increase your gluteal mass through exercise. A number of several exercises increases the volume of your glutes. Squats and lunges are two techniques that are easy to incorporate into your exercise regimen. If an increase in the volume of your glutes is what you’re looking for, you can get this by using butt enhancement products or through an augmentation procedure. Butt enhancement products include volumizers and fat injections, while an augmentation procedure involves the surgical placement of a prosthesis or implants that add volume to the buttocks.

What You Need to Know Before Getting the Surgery

Before the pancake lift surgery, the doctor will recommend an intensive diet and exercise program. Additionally, you can use butt-enhancing creams and gels to get the best results from surgery.

You will be required to avoid any activity, such as working out or extreme bending, for a week before the surgery. Your doctor will ask for a blood screening test to check that you are fit for the surgery. This is done to prevent infection after the procedure.

What’s The Procedure

The procedure may be both non-surgical and surgical, depending on your,r need. The non-surgical procedure mainly deals with increasing the gluteal within the butt area. The surgical procedure involves putting fat grafts into the butt to enhance its size and shape. This is done with a syringe and a tube used to suck out fat from areas of the body with some fat deposits. The fat will then be placed into the butt.

When fat is transferred, it usually has a short shelf life, so so transplantation experts will do transplantation of it. It takes about 50 minutes to perform a buttock lift using an ileal tissue transplant. It would help if you planned to spend at least an entire day at the treatment center recovering and resting.

Targeted Areas For Treatment

You can choose to target your gluteal and make it bigger. You can do this by using a combination of fat transfer and fat injections. You will need to be careful when choosing the area from which you will be getting the fat from. It should not come from places close to where you are performing the procedure areas are mainly your hips and thighs due to their positioning within the buttock area. Another area that you can get fat from is your arm, as it is a good option if you want to avoid showing any scars.

How Much Does The Procedure Cost

The cost of the surgery and its related procedures can vary depending on where you are getting it done. However, you will most likely find a free consultation and offer to walk away with a consultation based on cost. Ask your surgeon what the average cost of the procedure is and whether there are discounts for those who qualify. The cost of buttock lift surgery will depend on what kind of procedure you’re doing. Suppose you’re undergoing a combination of procedures like using fat transfer and fat injections. In that case, you will likely be charged more because it’s considered a more complex procedure than just using one or the other alone.

Risks And Side- Effects

Any surgical procedure comes with the risk for infection,bleeding at both the donor and recipient sites, possible nerve damage, and other issues. Other risks such as hip dislocation may also be present. Not forgetting the risks of liposuction such as bleeding, swelling, and the potential for other side effects.

How Quickly Will I See Results

In your first week after the procedure, you will be advised to avoid any strenuous physical activity. After a week of recovering, you should resume some activities as long as they are not too strenuous. The way that you recover is dependent on how comfortable you feel.

The results take time to show, and you can expect to see results in about two weeks, depending on how much fat you are transferring and how much you can tolerate. However, it may take up to 2 months for the fat coming from a different area of your body to be absorbed into your butt. This can be done by injecting the fat or by having micro-injections.

If you’re willing to give it time and you’re willing to do all that’s required, then it will likely work out well, then you’ll know it’s worth it.

Don’t expect to see a permanent change from a couple of weeks at the gym, though. The changes will be gradual and slow. If you want to speed up your progress, you’ll need to invest more time into going to the gym.