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Having good sleep is essential for biological and cognitive health. Choosing the perfect mattress for your bed is crucial for quality sleep. Therefore, among the various kinds of mattresses available in the market, you should select the one which will fulfil your need for comfort. Having said that many people suffer from back pain, neck problems, headaches and allergies due to a bad mattress. If you are interested in super king size mattresses in a box head over to Sleep Republic. Look for the nearest mattress store which makes durable mattresses and choose from the wide range of comfortable mattresses available. Listed below are the types of mattresses.

Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades now and have stayed as the most famous mattresses in demand. Most innerspring mattresses use sturdy metal curves to form the backing core of the mattress and are crowned with comfort layers made of one or more fabrics like latex, polyfoam or memory foam to provide high-end execution. Innerspring mattresses are preferred in hotel bedding, but this type does not last for a long duration.

Foam mattress

This mattress provides you with ease of sleep with softness. Although memory foam is commonly considered safe, it may pose difficulty for a particular group of people, such as those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory disorders. Memory foam may also annoy you if you are very susceptible to smells. Foam mattresses are very well suited to people who suffer from backaches and often complain of sleep deprivation. In most cases changing the mattress can help sleep better and overall well-being.

 Latex mattress

Synthetic latex accommodations are primarily formulated from a rubber-mimicking plastic called styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). SBR is furthermore used in synthetic turfs, tires, and conveyor sashes. Latex mattresses with SBR are secure and an inexpensive option to natural latex but not nearly as enduring. Besides, off-gassing chemicals annoying to people with respiratory problems are dominant in synthetic latex.

Orthopaedic mattresses

The orthopaedic mattresses are made of strong bedding material that provides support for muscles, joints, and bones. Many reports claim that orthopaedic mattresses are more satisfactory than conventional mattresses and that they provide “additional comfort” which may help those with aches, pain, arthritis, or osteoporosis to sleep more peacefully. While orthopaedic mattresses are all designed to deliver comfort and anxiety relief, they’re put together from a mixture of materials comprising memory foam, springs, gel foam, and biological stuffing.


A quality mattress is significant in achieving good back health. Finding the right mattress that will give you a good night’s sleep implies getting both the right subsidy as well as the right satisfaction level. There are many characteristics that affect back discomfort and how you sleep, but a good mattress is substantiated to make a positive difference. With the knowledge about mattress type, you can make the selection process quite easy. Also, knowing about your comfort material and your sleep position is important to choose from the right mattress type. Please visit Supa Group for more information on ground floor extensions.