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Cubby houses are small wooden houses for kids. It has doors and windows and somewhat replicates the original house. Cubby houses, a popular toy in New Zealand and Australia, have many benefits. Some of these benefits include:

It encourages creativity

Kids love to pretend they are in a different place or world. A cubby house provides them with a space to use their imagination and have fun. They can pretend to play house, be chefs, or even pirates. Of course, there are pirate-shaped cubby houses too. In short, a cubby house is a private space that lets their imagination flow.

It helps develop problem-solving skills.

A cubby house is a small house for the kids. So, they learn to organize and problem-solve. Let them worry about organizing their toys. Let them experiment with the attachments. It will help them discover new things. All this helps develop their problem-solving skills. You will see how they learn new things. Or how they manage problems on their own.

It boosts their physical activity.

Most cubby houses have walls or attachments that children can climb. Also, kids run here and there in the cubby house while playing. All this boosts their physical attributes. Climbing is especially great for kids as it increases their stamina. Thus, cubby houses aid in a child’s physical development.

It helps them socialize

A kid can invite their friends or cousins to play in a cubby house. It is unstructured play, allowing kids to learn to socialize. Kids learn to communicate through non-verbal and verbal communication. They play fairly or compete with each other. But everything allows them to socialize and make friends. It gives them a purpose, as many kids will love to come to your house if you have a cubby house. The endless play will be good for them.

Fun ideas for kids’ cubby houses

The benefits of cubby houses are multiple. Here are a few ideas of what you can put in the house for kids. They can use these items to play and have fun. Also, the ideas regarding what else to do in a cubby house are there too.


Darts is a fun game that you can play anywhere. When you buy cubby houses online, buy a dart board too. It requires little space, so you can put an appropriate dart board in the cubby house. Your kids can play it with each other. If you have an only child, play with him/her. Or when they invite friends over, it is a hit among the children.

Café fun

Kids love to role-play. Right? So, if the cubby house has a kitchen, the game options are unlimited. The kids can use the kitchen to run their restaurant. Just give them the cup, plates, and all. You will see how excited they are to cook and serve fake food. They are happy to serve it to you, friends, or their stuffed toys. Moreover, you can rearrange the cubby house to look like a café. The kids can pretend to run a café and serve hot coffee or tea to their customers.

Turn it into a reading nook.

Yes, kids need to go out. But they also need quite a bit of time. A cubby house is a perfect place for this. You can create a reading nook for them in their cubby house. A cute corner where they can read, nap, listen to stories, and relax.

A circuit

Add a few interesting elements to the cubby house. For instance, you can add a climbing wall and stairs to it. The kids will have fun running up the stairs, climbing the wall, jumping on the rug, and repeating. It is perfect for kids with lots of energy.

Make it their art house.

Kids love to draw, which unleashes their inner artist. Let the cubby house be the place for this. Put a small table, chairs, and a chalkboard in the cubby house. The kids can paint or draw here. They also have a chalkboard as their canvas to unleash their art.

Cubby houses are also known as learning centers.” In a world of their own, kids learn new things, develop skills, and have fun. Find a quality and affordable cubby house online to keep kids engaged now.