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The online market of services and goods has changed dramatically the global trade system, as it gives the opportunity for every business to expose its brand to the audience. However, it takes time and strategy to build the way up to the customer, as the number of competitors is growing exponentially. Back in the day, customers could mainly be attracted to the marketing funnel by the usage of advertisements, however, now, simple ads will not do the trick, pushing businesses into finding more efficient and impactful ways of cooperation.

Since the primary communication is held through social media and websites, it is crucial to improve the website’s visibility and authority in the search engine, which can be done by implementing SEO techniques. One of the best ways to establish a high-ranking search presence is to use link building strategy, typically recognized as guest posts and niche edits.

While guest posts are widely acknowledged and used by agencies and web hosts, niche edit links are still being in the shade, keeping those who are unaware from the significant improvements in website traffic and visibility. Let’s get into all the ins and outs of niche edits backlinks and see how their usage can benefit your business performance.

What are the niche edits?

Niche edits have been in use for a relatively short time, yet they have already proven their efficiency.

Niche edits (curated links, contextual links) are simply hyperlinks that are inserted into the content. However, unlike the guest post, where you need to write a suitable post or article, niche edits backlinks are inserted into the existing content. The more backlinks that lead to your website, the better ranking you get.

Niche edits are quite time-consuming, as you need to build a network of websites for cooperation, therefore, it may be a better idea to hire niche edit services, who can work on the strategy much faster, and thus, bring in enormous difference for the whole campaign.

Guest posts vs niche edits – what’s more efficient?

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Guest posts and niche edits are both excellent choices for hitting the best ranking score in the search engine. However, despite a single goal, they function differently.

Guest posts are compelling in terms of building a permanent online presence and brand awareness as the content is created specifically for the company, considering its style, tone of voice, and image. Such uniqueness has its price – time. It takes time to enter the market, earn high traffic and conquer your niche. Guest posts are helpful, yet it requires patience to see the result.

Unlike guest posts, niche editing is a harmonious combination of timing and efficiency, as you skip the introductory part of content development. Instead, you need to contact the relevant websites and place the niche edit backlinks into their ‘aged’ and indexed posts. As a result, your website will have a higher ranking as the authority websites are already checked by Google and have a high audience reach. By placing the niche edit backlinks on well-established blogs or sites, you attract more traffic to your website.

Niche edits – white or black SEO?

SEO approaches may be generally defined as white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. The color of your linking depends on the methods you use.

White Hat SEO – implementation of genuine practices, maintaining website integrity by staying within the engine’s guidelines. It includes relevant content,  links, and references; local, technical, and off-page SEO; manual search of niche edits.

Black Hat SEO – the antagonist to white practices, or so-called aggressive SEO. All the implemented strategies contradict the search engine guidelines: link stuffing and farming, doorway pages, sneaky redirects, cloaking, usage of private link networks, etc.

Gray Hat SEO – the combination of both approaches. While trying to comply with the majority of Google Webmaster Guidelines, the backlinks are bought, which violates Google’s algorithms. Such an approach is typically used by the majority of SEO agencies.

How to acquire niche edits links?

  1. Define the pages you want to expose to the audience and get better traffic for.
  2. Do research into the relevant websites. Make sure the websites are relevant to your topic, otherwise, the website will be penalized. Check the traffic and level of authority with the help of specialized services like Ahrefs and MOZ.
  3. After compiling the list of websites, use the keyword searches (Google search operator) and identify pages that will be suitable for backlink insertion.
  4. Find the contacts of the website owner and contact them, offering cooperation.
  5. Some websites can accept your niche edits backlink for free, as it actually freshens up their content, however, the majority will ask for a specific price, be ready for it.
  6. Considering the number of new-born websites and the limited number of websites with high authority scores, it is worth being ready for not being replied to.

How does it work?

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Let’s imagine that you are an e-store of gardening tools.

  1. First of all, scan the network to find articles about gardening that are already indexed. They must be highly relevant to the items you offer.
  2. Reach out to the website administrator suggesting adding a link to your e-store website. Explain why your link will benefit their content.
  3. Agree on the cooperation details.

Why do you need to use niche edits backlinks for your business?

  1. Niche edits match your site to the one with high-quality organic traffic, thus, attracting more attention to your product.
  2. The contacted pages are already indexed by Google, thus, you climb straight to the top.
  3. Backlinks attract more referral links
  4. Niche edits are less time-consuming, as there is no need to create all the content from the scratch and the indexation is passed by as well.
  5. The backlinks are used by the engines to improve your ranking for the target keywords.
  6. You have better control over the content, as you select it for link insertion.

What are the downsides of niche edits?

  1. Depending on the industry you represent, it may be challenging to find high-ranking relevant websites to contact.
  2. Building a network to contact will take if you don’t have a well-prepared team or don’t hire niche edits services.

The implementation of niche edits brings positive changes to the functionality of online businesses: higher authority scores, better traffic, and higher ranking. Niche edits create a win-win situation for both sides, as the hosting website will have frequent updates, and the business will have better organic traffic and more potential buyers. However, it’s important to understand, although the niche edits sound easy to perform, all the research and contacting take time, thus, it may be better to entrust this kind of job to professionals.