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With the outbreak of Covid-19, the need for jobs that allow you to work from home has increased. Other reasons that might lead someone to need a work-from-home job are terminal illnesses, being a caregiver to such a person, or even a stay-at-home mum who needs to make some money. Below we give you some opportunities that you can explore.

1. Online Teaching

Online educators are just like traditional teachers. They teach specific subjects, prepare lesson plans and check on the students’ progress. The qualifications needed are a teaching degree and maybe specific skills like knowing a foreign language. The educator also needs a computer with a webcam and a good internet connection because the lessons will be held on an online teaching platform like Zoom or Google Meet. You can teach students of any level and any subject area.

2. Online Therapist

The demand for therapy is increasing. You can be a therapist for someone struggling with mental health through digital platforms like Microsoft teams or video conferencing. For this, you need to have a masters’ degree in psychology or social work. You also need to have an unrestricted license.

3. SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist’s job is to evaluate, review, and implement changes to websites to ensure they have the maximum number of people visiting them. They also improve the site’s position on search engines. The qualifications are at least one year of experience. One must also be familiar with SEO tools such as Google analytics.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting can range from research to setting appointments. Some positions don’t need any experience for secretarial responsibilities such as maintaining calendars and schedules. Other positions require experience in social media management and copyright. They’re very good because one can engage more than one client at a time.

5. Customer Care

This is the easiest work-from-home job that one can get into since it requires no experience. One’s responsibilities include answering clients’ questions, giving solutions to their problems, and helping them with orders on behalf of the company. This is done on digital platforms or through the phone. It’s, however, not flexible because you have to be on call your entire shift. To get more jobs that don’t require any experience, you can visit

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6. Captioner

The work of a captioner is to transcribe audios or videos that have been recorded already. You can also caption for live TV programs. Fast and accurate typing is an essential skill for this job.

7. Proofreading

You’ll be reading content to ensure they’re free of grammatical, spelling, formatting, and punctuation errors if you’re a proofreader. You’ll be required to pay attention to detail and be conversant with the AP Stylebook. This job can be done on your own schedule as long as you meet the deadlines given.

8. Web Developer

Most technology companies now prefer remote roles to office roles. To get this job, you’ll be required to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field. You can also be hired if you’ve good programming experience that can be compared.


If you want to land a good work-from-home job, you should apply for the position immediately is posted; highlight work-from-home skills such as independent working, and, most importantly, avoid scams. Lookup a firm’s reviews online to ensure it’s a real company. You shouldn’t be asked to pay any money to apply.