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The living room is one of the most used spaces in a home. Since it is constructed for gatherings, it is usually the space that welcomes family and friends into your house. It also creates a place to display your style.

Coziness, on the other hand, is a term used for comfort and beauty. Regarding your living space, coziness means the ways by which you can make your home comfortable, lively, warm, and many more.

Concerning the decoration of your living space, it is essential that you put its architectural style and size into consideration, as well as its main practical function. Consider how you stay in your space and know the kinds of layout and furniture that will be most suitable for your personality. This article contains tips to makeover your living space and have it cozy.

Simple Makeover Tips for a Cozy Living Space

Using Console Tables

A console table is a furniture item used for designing various places in the living room. It doesn’t matter your desired position of the console, whether it is at the center or against the wall, however, it demarcates spaces in the room.

A console table may mean a design and function as a placement for various things. It also offers storage, establishes a barrier for spaces, and prevents the stress attached to moving the couch around.

Natural Light

Natural light is a great tip for making a living space cozy. The level of natural light filtering enhances the beauty of every area. Besides, dark rooms are uninviting, which could consequently make your visitors feel unwanted or depressed.

Therefore, in order to make your room cozy, ensure your windows remain uncovered to allow the entrance of natural light.

Interestingly, it could get easier by layering your lighting. For example, you could make use of table and floor lamps for low levels, as atmospheric lighting is a convenient way to include a cozy vibe. Essentially, just ensure you select bulbs that have a warm light to them, rather than a harsh daylight tone.

In addition, you can get fairy lights and wall sconces as additional accessories to lighten up your living room.

A Lovely Wallpaper

Having wallpaper in this 21st century is one of the ways to have your living room looking cozy. Even though this part needs the attention of a professional, you could still get it successfully carried out by selecting from several types. After that, you should strategically place the wallpapers where you would love to position your television.

Throw Blankets

Cosiness and being snug can be compared to being in bed. Throw blankets are a good way to have that tucked-in feeling. They have their means by which guests feel comfortable. With this on their hands, they tend to feel blessed to curl up and enjoy their visitation. Yet, they have another function of adding a bright pop of color to the living room.

To get started, you could get some woolly, fleecy, or furry throw blankets and have them around your sofas and chairs.


Rugs are a suitable way to add warmth to your living space and establish a cozy feeling. They help to soften the space and retain heat. In a case where your living room is large, you could use several rugs to break up the space into smaller areas, such as a reading nook. Alternatively, you could use a large rug to have the room filled and center it around the seating arena.

Display Images

It is a beautiful thing to share lovely memories with friends and family members. Besides, when it comes to having an accent wall,  picture ledges are a convenient alternative to built-in shelves. Hence, adding images to your living space will help to create a pleasant atmosphere and a memorable moment. It also makes the living room warm, and inviting, and informs visitors that the room is yours.

You can later frames of several colors and sizes to add dimension and height. You can also mix photographs, drawings, and paintings to achieve a collected and visually interesting display.

Use Curtains

Doubling up on the window treatment of your living space can entirely transform a space. In a living room, you could layer panels with heavy textured curtains to add coziness and warmth. You could also use a blind to reflect bright sunlight and include wool or velvet curtains on top.

Note that the essential thing is to play around with whatever works best for your decoration. For instance, Venetian blinds or shutters will look stunning in a large living room with big windows. Meanwhile, it will include coziness if you go for a wood tone or warm color.

Color palettes

Simple Makeover Tips for a Cozy Living Space 2

Although neutral shades of bold colors will function well in a large space, you will want to select colors with warm undertones to have a space that feels restful and inviting. In the process of selecting the kind of furniture to use for your living space, you should think about choosing warm wood tones, or select softly colored painted furniture, as they will both add a cozy feeling to your space.

Use Metallics

Search for various means by which you can introduce some sparkle into your living space, particularly with brass tones and warm gold. Consider bringing in metallic photo frames, a sparkly vase, or a mirrored tray full of pretty trinkets on your coffee table. Those features will add an exciting, reflective touch to the space during the day, and when the evenings draw near, twinkle beautifully.

Refreshing Your Living Space

Simple Makeover Tips for a Cozy Living Space 3

Your living space requires creativity. Hence, you can spice up your environment however you wish to, including creating awesome designs and matchups to make visitors feel welcome. Apart from coziness, making your home over has several other benefits, such as reclaimed hardwood flooring, among others.

Summarily, in the process of making over your living space, bear in mind that satisfaction and uniqueness are crucial.