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Owning a car is essential to most Australians. The vast country and spread-out cities require being able to get to work or carry out tasks such as going shopping. It might be to head off with family or a loved one to the coast and enjoy downtime to the max.

However, there are times when it’s time to replace a vehicle, or even buy one for the first time, but the required finance is not readily available. The good news is that is still possible to get hold of one to save the stress and hassle of trying to grab a lift from someone else when you lease to own your car with Rent Buy It.

  • It’s a fantastic concept that can help individuals and families, even those with credit defaults or a limited credit history. Small business owners can also benefit through it when they are starting out and cash might be tight, but they need a car to go out and promote what they are doing and make sales.
  • A team of professionals who put together the deal work with a network of suppliers so that they can offer their customers a cost-effective solution so that everyone is happy. The path to vehicle ownership begins when a customer checks out the extensive range that are available online, which can be anything from an SUV to a UTE. They can then apply online through an easy process with expert help waiting at the other end of the enquiry.
  • If successful, a small deposit is required to secure the car, and then it’s time to drive away and have fun and make everyday life easier. The car becomes the property of those who have made the payments in full once the lease period is over. The team even offers a deal on new cars where the manufacturer’s new car warranty, 3 years-capped price servicing, and roadside assist is included.
  • Those who live close to Melbourne, Brisbane, or Adelaide can even go and see the range of cars in the showrooms where there is something waiting to suit any individual. Fixed weekly or fortnightly payments on the vehicle is ideal for those finding themselves locked out of conventional vehicle finance options.

Those requiring a car without the upfront means of making a purchase can benefit through using lease to buy through a leading team that can supply something ideal for any individual.