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We all know about man-made climate change; the media won’t stop reminding us, neither do the politicians and as you would expect, all business sectors are doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint and in this short article, we delve into Aussie farmers and what they are doing to tackle the climate crisis.

Reducing carbon emissions

Of course, this should be a goal of every Australian business; aside from government mandates and guidelines, business owners should always be looking for ways to save energy. While the majority of farmers are still using diesel-powered tractors, EVs are in development and it is expected to be a few years before diesel engines will begin to be phased out. Biofuels are being tested and improved, yet at present, are not making much of a difference. Farmers in Western Australia rely heavily on Agrifarm WA, a leading supplier of top-quality farming equipment and implements that comply with government guidelines.

Solar energy

We are pleased to announce that clean and renewable energy is a growing part of the Australian agriculture community; the federal government fully supports farmers who make the switch to solar and wind power. Solar panels have improved a lot in the past 5 years and they can now harvest energy on cloudy days; Australia has more sunshine hours than most countries, which is good news for farmers. The government continues to support industry when it comes to green energy and that includes wind power.

Eradicating fossil fuel burning power stations

This is the ultimate goal, not just here in Australia, but worldwide. Every country has an ambitious program

Government mandates

It has been said that farmers globally are reluctant to make major changes, which is why the Australian Federal government is mandating many initiatives. There has been some resistance to some of the mandates, which is perfectly understandable, as some initiatives are radical and people do not like major changes. There is a growing number of climate scientists that disagree with the global narrative and they have some pretty solid evidence on which to base their claim.

The Australian farming community is working diligently to reduce their carbon footprint and with developing tech, the way forward is much easier.