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In the current era, standing out in the market is difficult due to great saturation. But there is always a way out when you are offering a worth-buying product.

In this facet, custom boxes with logo wholesale are highly recommended. The boxes imprinted with your brand logo give your product a peculiar identity due to which you can easily make your brand recognizable. They not only provide you with ease to get the attention of the audience but are also inexpensive.

You can easily get them as they are accessible for any type of business, domestic or commercial businesses. You can get your favourite design from a packaging supplier. For any packaging element, you can consult with a professional packaging company and negotiate prices. Anyhow, let’s discuss how custom-printed boxes are advantageous for your business.


For product packaging, especially small and lightweight objects, cardboard and kraft materials are often used. These materials are easily accessible as they are made of the natural extract. Also, the manufacturing of these boxes is easy and less costly. Besides, you can choose features based on your budget size. This is why every type of business can surely use custom packaging. If you have a low budget, you can go for simple cardboard packaging but if you have a large budget, high-end options are also available such as rigid packaging.

These boxes are lightweight and can be delivered without taking extra cost for shipping. Rather many companies offer free shipping as complimentary especially when you get wholesale packaging. Wholesale boxes also minimize your cost per unit. In this way, these boxes provide you with a highly budget-friendly solution.

Protective Solution

Cardboard material is known for its strength. These boxes are robust and keep the products safe from any damage. You can ensure the protection of your product if you are using cardboard or paperboard materials. Protection of the product is not mandatory only for a few products but is an essential factor for every product as it builds a good impression. But some products need extra protection such as food items in which you provide several layers to the food constituents. Cardboard boxes are excellent in this regard.

These boxes do not get damaged easily and so provide a shield to the product from getting bumps. In this way, you can easily arrange your products on retail shelves. Cardboard packaging does not let external factors harm the quality of the product and keep it fresh for a long time.

Cut Down Your Advertisement Cost

The logo design printed on these boxes helps you make your brand easily recognizable. For this printing, you get several options. Printing is an essential factor to inform the audience regarding your product. In this regard, you will get an opportunity to also advertise your brand. It works as a free marketing tool due to which you do not have to spend a huge cost on electronic advertisement which is costly.

People get a professional image when they pick up your product from the shelf and see the identity printed on it. The logo also helps the consumers to remember your brand in the future. In this way, logo design helps you sustain sales as an authentic impression was built initially.

Various Design Options

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Cardboard or kraft materials are flexible due to which you can get them manufactured in a desired shape or style. For this purpose, packaging companies offer a great variety of designs such as:

  • Slotted boxes
  • Sleeve packaging
  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Hinged-lid boxes
  • Boxes with hang tabs
  • Die-cut boxes

You can customize the layout for any box style you want. Besides, you can select colours and graphics of your choice which could describe your brand in the best way.

Customized boxes also offer you size flexibility such as you can have boxes in different sizes considering your product size. It also helps you to add a variety due to which the consumer will get a product as per his requirement.

Multiple Custom Features

When you get custom boxes, you get a variety of custom features along with them. These features are for your ease so that you do not have to settle for stuff that compromises your interest or budget. At every step of the packaging journey, you get these several options.

  • When it comes to choosing a certain packaging material, you can choose cardboard, kraft, or other paperboard materials.
  • You can have a packaging design in different shapes, styles, and sizes to obtain a professional attire for your product.
  • You can use different printing methods as several options are available. For instance, offset is expensive but gives high-quality printing. In this way, screen printing, digital printing, and flexography are other methods.
  • For inserting, different options are available such as paper sheets, punched inserts, and foam cores.
  • To improve the texture of the packaging box, you can use different varnishes such as gloss or matte and spot UV.


In today’s world, people have become quite conscious when it comes to environmental sustainability. Non-refundable materials such as plastic are highly toxic to the environment. In such circumstances, cardboard and kraft materials are life saviours as they are highly renewable. They are made of natural fibres such as cellulose taken from wood pulp, agriculture wastes, and grass.

These boxes are highly durable and so one can use them again and again. The pure cardboard material can be recycled up to 5 times without harming the environment. This is because the manufacturing tools are also eco-friendly and do not release carbon irritants into the environment. Furthermore, the biogenic trait of these boxes makes them highly biodegradable.


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Custom packaging helps brands in several ways. When you get printed boxes having your brand identity such as logo design, you get an inexpensive marketing weapon. It helps you increase your brand awareness and influence the audience with an authentic impression. You can easily get your dreamy design as various features are offered by manufacturers. Lastly, these boxes make you a sincere brand as they carry a green attribute.