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Solar panels often self-clean but occasionally, due to dust build-up or bird droppings, they need to be manually cleaned regularly. It is often safer to have your panels cleaned by a professional if you have a roof mount system. It’s advised to avoid attempting to safely clean your panels yourself unless you have the necessary tools.

Why Should You Clean Your Panels?

In general, you may expect a 5% production drop when your solar panels become dirty. This is due to the possibility that dust and other debris might impede solar cells from efficiently receiving energy. Most solar panels are angled so that dirt and grime can easily slide off of them.

Cleaning the panels yourself may seem like a good idea in some situations. It can be dangerous for your safety as well as the condition of your panels, which might become damaged or cracked. Depending on your living situation and the safety of doing it yourself, you should decide whether hiring a professional solar cleaning service is worth the money. Some countries have benefits when it comes to having clean panels. For example, solar panels in Ireland tend to be clean most of the time as it has a lot of rainfall.

How Do You Clean Your Solar Panels?

Domestic PV solar panel maintenance and cleaning may go a long way toward ensuring that the panels are operating as efficiently as possible. Here are 10 cleaning suggestions you should be aware of:

  • Since this can prevent the panels from collecting sunlight, you should examine your panels for dirt and dust and see whether it has amassed in any of the panels.
  • Never clean the panels with a standard sponge or soap. You’ll end up breaking the panel’s glass. You can use biodegradable soap and a delicate cloth to properly wash the panels.
  • It is advised to hire a specialist with the necessary tools because cleaning roof-mounted solar panels can be risky. You must use safety ropes and ladders if you decide to clean the panels yourself since they might become slippery while being washed.
  • If you want to regularly clean your panels, you might run a hose down them to get rid of any dust once a month.
  • Avoid using any aggressive cleaning agents on your panels since they might scratch or break the glass, which would require an expensive repair.
  • Clean them in the morning. Currently, the panels have been kept cool throughout the night, and the dew and mist which has formed on them will make it simpler to clean the dirt and grime off.
  • The most efficient and secure way of cleaning the panels is to use water.
  • If you want to use a substance other than water, be sure it is gentle and free of harsh chemicals. For this, a mild dishwashing detergent diluted in water should be adequate.
  • As opposed to roof-mounted panels, which might be dangerous, floor-mounted panels are much simpler to clean yourself.
  • Avoid spraying your panels with a washer since the pressure may cause damage and impair their functionality.

Looking after Your Panels

Your solar panels’ overall efficiency may be improved with the proper upkeep and frequent cleaning. To keep track of system performance and maintenance requirements, check your system often and record daily activities.

Regular cleaning can be avoided by installing automatic sprinkler systems or hiring local cleaning specialists.

To safeguard your solar panel system, you should generally take good care of it and keep an eye on its performance. If you enjoy doing things yourself and want to avoid paying a lot for routine cleaning services, you may simply clean the panels by following the above tips. A little upkeep goes a long way when it comes to solar panels.