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The Internet fashion industry is much more complicated than its offline counterparts. With so many brands selling their products within the same niche competing for the customers’ attention, generating more revenue is difficult. However, many businesses continuously outperform the competition with the ghost mannequin photography service.

Why is that invisible mannequin photography so impactful?

The answer is not simple as you might think. In the fashion industry, the ghost mannequin effect helps produce the same images as with accurate models but without distraction. Also, it is much more economical than hiring models for photoshoots. Many well-known eCommerce companies now employ ghost mannequin photography services to improve product photos and entice more customers.

In this post, we will explain how ghost mannequin photography helps boost online sales.

Enhances the presentation 

In fashion, the presentation of products is essential to persuade customers. As well-represented apparel, jewelry, and other products generate more sales; ghost mannequin helps present the goods in a lucrative method. It makes fashion products appear more enticing by producing detailed customer representations.

More and more brands are using ghost mannequin effects to enhance the visual appeal of fashion merchandise online. If you do not have the degree of talent to create a ghost mannequin effect, you can hire a professional product photographer like Ether Arts US for the job.

Represents professionalism 

Professionalism is critical for the success of any eCommerce business, and its importance can’t be overstated. For clothing items, these same can be accomplished by ghost mannequin photography. If you don’t employ any mannequin or model, then the clothes photographs will appear flimsy and ineffective. It will be a lot difficult to stand out in the competition without bringing professionalism to the apparel photographs.

For your online clothing store, you have two create the best possible images by highlighting the features of the dresses and representing them in an appropriate size. Professional product photography can help you create high-quality clothing images using the ghost mannequin effect. It is one of the best ways to represent professionalism and convey your brand value to the customers.

Makes clothes look realistic 

Online buyers’ inability to try the product in person makes it difficult for them to make a purchase decision. But when you can create more lifelike clothing images, you make the products look more enticing to the customers. This factor maximizes your sales and boosts your store’s ROI. You can represent the clothes with 3D effects with a ghost mannequin photography service. It allows customers to visualize themselves wearing the product that encourages them to buy.

As ghost mannequin images make the product more realistic. The non-distractive representation of the apparels allows customers to focus on the features such as design, style, and color. It helps boost sales with little investment.

Increases image consistency 

Consistency in the product images is essential for your store. But a trustworthy brand has consistent image quality across all its products. The invisible mannequin photography can help you preserve the brand standard by creating consistent images for all your clothes. Doing so creates value for your brand, encouraging online buyers to select your product over competitors. It not only improves the standard and quality of your brand but also has the potential to boost sales. Also, you will have a satisfied customer base as they will get the accurate products they ordered and were waiting for. All these factors contribute to increasing sales and creating positive brand value.

Saves time and money 

The ghost mannequin photography service is the best option for fashion companies to save time and money. First, the ghost mannequin photography setup is less expensive than shooting with models. You only need a good camera setup, lighting, and mannequins, and you can take as many images as you want without additional expense. Additionally, you might have to invest a few more dollars in editing the photographs for the best quality.

A professional product photograph service like Ether Arts US offers ghost mannequin photography for highly affordable prices. The studio has been helping online sellers for over two decades to generate more sales by assisting them to create high-quality product images. When you are on a budget, invisible mannequin photography is the best option to present your clothing products in the best possible way to the customers.


Without a doubt, a professional ghost mannequin photography service is the best option to choose. However, if you decide to do things on your own, you must know a few things. Mannequins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You must pick the one that fits your products perfectly. When capturing photos, ensure that clothes are tightly fit using clips, pins, and tape. The best camera setting for ghost mannequin photography is low ISO and wide aperture.