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Gymgoers use various types of towels, including economy, premium, hand towels, and washcloths. Each option has unique advantages — economy gym towels are quick-drying, comfortable, durable, absorbent, and low-maintenance. Premium gym towels offer superior comfort, strength, and performance. Determining how many towels your gym needs allows you to purchase bulk towels and take advantage of discounts.

Calculating How Many Towels Your Gym Needs

Many factors affect the number of towels you need at your gym. The type of gym and towel variety are the top factors to consider. Some gyms only provide hand towels, while others have bath/sauna towels and washcloths. If the gym is at a spa, you can expect towels of different sizes for clients and staff. The colors and material options also influence the number of towels you need. Here are three tips to help you calculate how many towels your gym needs:

1. Consider the Number of Users

Gyms don’t have a standard requirement for the number of towels needed. This number relies on how many people use the towels. A gym needs enough towels to cover the needs of everyone, including gymgoers and employees. Large fitness facilities with thousands of members require a massive supply of different-sized towels. Small gyms with a few dozen members can maintain medium-size towels laundered in-house.

Gym owners and managers can look up the record of registered members and random users. The data helps estimate the number of users the gym receives every month. Purchase extra towels regardless of the gym business or service you provide. Every gym needs enough towels to cover users.

2. Optimize the Number for Your Gym

Researching what other gyms have can be helpful, but you must optimize the number for your needs. Consider the type of club, facility, and target clients. An expensive studio serving private clients has different requirements from facilities running low-fee monthly memberships. Purchase economy towels to provide the basics and premium options for a better customer experience. Determine how many various weight and size categories you need.

Consider the laundry and equipment requirements when purchasing bulk towels for your gym. If you serve thousands of clients, you need efficient equipment to reduce the drying time. The goal is to have enough dry towels ready for use. You need at least a day’s supply of clean towels for your gym users. Keep an updated attendance record to help you manage the inventory and replace old towels on time.

3. Get the Towel Variety Right

Gyms use different towels, but the frequency of use varies. Conventional gym towels may be used more frequently than shower towels. Some members also have specific requirements, like hypoallergenic microfiber towels. Outline the specific towels your members use and identify how many of each you need. Standard gym towels should make up the bulk of your stock because they’re used more frequently in most gyms.

Stock enough hand towels, which are mainly used to wipe the hands and face during workouts. Hand towels or smaller cloths can also be used to wipe down equipment. Towels used more frequently also get old faster and need replacement sooner. Consider the number of towels used every month. Stock enough towels across all varieties used at your gym. Purchase high-quality towels in bulk to potentially save money through wholesale discounts.

Buying Bulk Towels for Your Gym

Buying towels in bulk has many advantages, whether you use economy or premium options. You can use bulk purchase discounts and get consistent quality for the entire batch. Bulk gym towels also provide a uniform style for your gym. You can purchase a whole year’s supply or as many as you need, which makes restocking effortless. If you run a commercial gym, purchasing towels in bulk is one of the most cost-effective options.

Determining the number of towels needed for your gym allows you to restock on time. You can purchase bulk towels online and get the items delivered to your gym or chosen address. When looking for gym towels, stick to reputable shops and businesses with a history of providing quality products. Look for shops with an extensive inventory of different sizes, colors, and materials. A reliable towel retailer can help you find the right bulk towels for your needs.