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Are you a pharmacy technician who has a strong desire to travel? Becoming a vacation pharmacy technician could be the ideal career choice for you if you want to combine your love of travel and pharmacy. Travel pharmacy technicians can provide basic pharmacy services while seeing new places by working in a variety of locales across the nation or even abroad.

1. Obtain Your Pharmacy Tech Certification

You must first earn your pharmacy technician certification in order to work as a travel pharmacy technician. The majority of pharmacy technician jobs require certification from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) or the Pharmacy Tech Certification Board (PTCB), while specific criteria vary by state and employer. Usually, in order to become certified, you must pass a certification exam and finish a formal school or training program in pharmacy technology. Upon obtaining your certification, you will possess the required credentials to function as a pharmacy technician in multiple environments, such as retail pharmacies, long-term care institutions, and hospitals.

2. Gain Experience in Different Pharmacy Settings

It’s crucial to get experience working in various pharmacy settings before pursuing a career as a travel pharmacy technician. Your ability to succeed in your position will be enhanced by this experience, which will also increase your appeal to employers as a candidate. To obtain exposure to many facets of pharmacy practice, think about looking for opportunities to work in a variety of healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, and neighborhood pharmacies. You will be able to familiarize yourself with various pharmacy software systems, rules, and processes by working in a variety of pharmacy settings. These can change from one organization to the next.

3. Research Travel Pharmacy Technician Agencies

It’s time to look at travel pharmacy technician agencies when you have obtained your certification as a pharmacy technician and gained some experience. These organizations are experts in matching pharmacy technicians with contract or temporary jobs across the country. Seek out organizations that offer possibilities in areas that appeal to you and have a solid reputation in the field. Investigate agencies by looking at things like salary scales, perks, and the kinds of work they provide. While some agencies may provide a wider range of options, others may concentrate on certain pharmacy settings, such as hospitals or retail pharmacies.

4. Network with Other Travel Pharmacy Technicians

Discovering possibilities as a travel pharmacy technician and gaining knowledge about the field can be facilitated by networking. Make use of social media, internet forums, and professional associations to establish connections with other travel pharmacy technicians who have prior expertise in the industry. They can offer insightful opinions, counsel, and suggestions for locating travel assignments and overcoming the difficulties of living on the road. You can develop contacts with agencies and possible employers by networking with other travel pharmacy technicians. Building ties within the business is crucial because a lot of jobs for travel pharmacy technicians are filled through networking and word-of-mouth recommendations.

5. Consider Online Certification Programs

Enrolling in an online certification program might help you advance your pharmacy technician career by expanding your skill set and qualifications. With the flexibility and convenience of online certification programs, you can finish your coursework and examinations from any location with an internet connection. These courses address a wide range of subjects related to pharmacy practice, including pharmacology, pharmacy law, and ethics, as well as pharmaceutical safety. When applying for jobs as a travel pharmacy technician, completing an online certification program can make you stand out from the competition and show that you are dedicated to your professional growth.

6. Prepare for the Travel Lifestyle

A travel pharmacy technician must be open to living a nomadic lifestyle and frequently adjusting to new surroundings. Make the necessary mental and emotional preparations before starting your career as a travel pharmacy technician. This will help you be ready for the chances and challenges that lie ahead. While traveling, come up with plans for stress management, organization, and a positive work-life balance. Think about practical things too, such housing, transportation, and money. While on assignment, travel pharmacy technicians might have to figure out transportation choices, set up temporary lodging in each place they work, and handle finances.


A career as a travel pharmacy technician allows you to take advantage of this exceptional chance to merge your love of travel and pharmacy. A career as a travel pharmacy technician can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for adventure, diversified experience, or just to see new places.