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If your furnace breaker keeps flipping off, there are several steps you can take to help alleviate its symptoms. First, ensure the thermostat is set at the lowest temperature.

Find your furnace’s switch by opening your breaker panel. It should typically resemble a toggle light switch in terms of appearance.

If you prefer some assistance from a professional, you can contact a reliable HVAC company like Anderson Air.

Check the switch

If the furnace’s circuit breaker keeps tripping, this could indicate short-circuiting or ground faulting; these are both potentially serious problems that professionals should deal with promptly.

Or it could simply be that an issue lies elsewhere: your furnace likely requires significant power; therefore, its circuit should be separated to minimize the chances of overloading the panel with too much electricity.

Before going to the breaker box, check that both your thermostat and pilot light are set on “heat,” with the pilot light lit (if necessary, use a barbecue lighter to relight it). Next, inspect whether any breakers have been turned off; most panels feature toggle switches similar to light switches – simply flip back on to restore power; if not, continue reading this guide for more steps.

Check the breaker

Furnaces use electricity, and when their circuit breaker trips, power to the device is interrupted. Resetting your circuit breaker typically restores operation if the cause was an unexpected power surge; however, if your furnace keeps tripping repeatedly, then professional assistance should be sought to examine its condition.

Filters that have become clogged could be draining more current from your furnace than it can handle and tripping its circuit breaker, leading to its shutdown. Regularly inspect and change out furnace air filters if any are dirty; and consider creating a schedule to do this as soon as possible.

Each wire in your home has been designed to handle a certain amount of current, and too much passing through can cause overheating or melting, potentially leading to fires. Circuit breakers were created to safeguard homes against such dangers by cutting power off when too many amps pass through; if your breaker keeps tripping repeatedly, it might be time for replacement by an electrician.

Check the thermostat

Temperature issues can lead to furnace circuit breakers tripping frequently when in operation, which will require professional assistance to remedy.

If your furnace thermostat is consistently tripping the circuit breaker, first check if it is connected correctly to its source of electricity. Most furnaces feature a toggle switch similar to what light switches use; find and turn it off to cut power from entering the thermostat.

After performing your inspection of vents, be sure that none are blocked or clogged. Many homeowners unwittingly obstruct airflow when rearranging furniture or moving items around, reducing your furnace’s capacity to provide warm air throughout your home. Furthermore, check that they’re fully operational without anything blocking them, such as boxes or curtains.

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Resetting your furnace breaker may be a telltale sign of something larger. Circuit breakers are designed to turn off electricity if too much current flows through them, helping prevent wires from overheating and potentially sparking fires. If this keeps happening to you, circuit breakers could be to blame.

Other problems that could cause your breaker to trip include having a clogged air filter, blocked registers, or vents that force the furnace to work harder to provide adequate warmth while using excess power that forces a trip in its circuit breaker.

Whenever your breaker keeps tripping, it is essential that you contact us immediately. Our electricians can identify the root of the problem and assist in solving it; in extreme cases they may suggest tightening electrical connections or even replacing your panel altogether.