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The best second monitors of a laptop for teachers make the learning experience and incredibly remote learning much more enjoyable than ever. It can remove all the digital distance, and you can like being a part of the class.

After the pandemic tragedy, remote learning has gained much popularity, becoming a viable alternative to physical classrooms. Live lessons, sharing videos, and presentations make this experience worth the hype. Adding a second monitor to your laptop for teaching purposes can be very beneficial for you. You may be teaching your students on a tiny monitor right now. Your eyes must have been sore, and still, you are not getting the desired results.

We highly appreciate your efforts, but Duex Plus second monitor for the laptop from Mobile Pixels provides the best second monitor to make your teaching experience much better. Keep reading this article to know about the features you should look for while buying one for you.

Features to look in a Second Monitor for Your Laptop

With a suitable dual monitor for your laptop, you can display a video permanently on one screen for your students while accessing other class works on the other one. And both of these tasks can be done at the same time. Screen recording and video sharing is also essential element in remote teaching. You can do all these tasks with the help of a dual monitor more conveniently.

Not all portable monitors are manufactured equally. But there are certain features that should be in every portable monitor. Some of them are discussed below:

Suitable Size

Size should be your first priority when finding a suitable screen extender for yourself. As a teacher, you must keep in mind that you are buying a second screen for better interaction with your students. It should be large enough to give the students a proper view of the video in a classroom. If you are a remote teacher, then an average size would perfectly work for your presentation preparations and other class’s works.


As a teacher, you have to carry your laptop along with a second screen from one classroom to another. A heavy extender can make your work much more hectic than before. A high-quality second monitor will always be light weighted and make your work hassle-free.

High Resolution

Screen quality is one of the significant features you should look for. It’s all going to matter in the end in your profession. All your investment will be worth it if your dual monitor has a high-resolution screen. What is the purpose of adding a monitor if your students can’t view a high pixels video or presentation?

Moreover, if you are remote teaching, then keeping an eye on every student is extremely important, and it is only possible if your screen quality is high and efficient.

How to Choose a Suitable Second Monitor for a Teacher 2

Easy Connectivity

What is the purpose of buying a laptop extender if you have to carry long cables and plugs with you everywhere? And being a teacher, it can be more crucial to bring a lot of wires and cables with you. Choose a dual monitor for your laptop that has easy connectivity options. C-type connections are available, and you have to plus that one USB. After connecting, you can now use your dual screens easily. A C-type cable is a must for your laptop to avoid all the hassle of wires and cables.

Orientation Control

It’s a precious feature of a portable screen. Through this feature, you can easily change the monitor from landscape mode to portrait. This can make your teaching experience more effective and enjoyable for your students. You can rotate your dual screen to give a better view of the presentation or worksheet you have prepared for them.

Final Thoughts

Teaching is one of the most important professions in this world. Nowadays, teachers are trying their best to give us virtual learning experiences as much as possible. They may be facing a lot of difficulties in it. Dual screens for your laptop might solve some of your problems and make it smoother than before. But it would be best if you look out for the features, including size, weight, and screen quality, to make it your worthy investment.

This article will help you in finding the best second monitor for yourself, and you can make your teaching experience much better and more efficient than before.