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Wedding day is among the most special days of life . For this single day, you spend hundreds of hours planning and preparing. The wedding day is full of excitement and smiling faces, which you rarely see again. Therefore it is important to document this special day with photographs. Your wedding photographs are the memories which you will cherish forever. However, choosing the right photographer is not a cup of tea. Although there are thousands of photographers to choose from, finding a pro that fully understands your vision is quite difficult. Also, you and your partner probably want someone with whom you feel comfortable, as the photographer will be by your side throughout the wedding journey.

You should invest an adequate amount of time in picking up the perfect wedding photographer; after all, they are gonna capture every detail of your big day. The first thing you need to identify what exactly you want in your wedding photographs. There are myriad photo styles of wedding photography, you have to choose one of them. Firstly, we will discuss the major photography styles to choose from and then give you 5 expert tips to find the right photographer for your wedding.

How To Choose Perfect Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

How To Choose Perfect Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day

Types Of Wedding Photography

  • Fine Art

Fine art wedding photography is about documenting the candid as well as formal moments of the wedding. This is a kind of soft and romantic photography.

  • Traditional

As its name suggests, this type of photography style deals with heavily possessed and portrait photographs. In traditional wedding photography, the cameraman acts as a choreographer who directs everyone on how to pose.

  • Contemporary

Contemporary wedding photography is somewhat like a blend of fashion and reportage photography. It includes funny, trendy, and dramatic shots.


5 Tips To Choose The Wedding Photographer

  • Choose Your Style

Every photographer has their own style of shooting. You have to discover your true taste before deciding anything. Identify whether you want documentary style wedding photos, traditional pics, candid shots, or anything else. Once you determine which photography style is most suitable for you, you can easily choose the right wedding photography pro for your special day.

  • Set A Budget

After deciding on a particular photography style, you need to set a budget for your wedding photoshoot. Initially, you can begin planning your budget by reviewing the rates of your local wedding photographers. It will give you a general idea of what things cost and help you in setting the budget.

  • Make The List Of Must Have Photos

The next step is to make the list of “must-have” shots. Take a paper and pen and write down the areas you definitely want to cover, such as getting ready shots, venue location pics, invitation card photos, family portraits, pre-dinner drinks images, etc. This pre-prepared list gives a clear idea to the photographer whom to focus on during the wedding shoot, which makes your wedding album really amazing.

  • Start Research

Now that you have set your budget and know your exact wedding photography requirements, you should start researching.

A referral is an outstanding way to find a perfect wedding. Ask your family, friends, and neighbors to recommend the photographer. You can also collect referrals from your wedding planner and caterers as they often have contacts with wedding photographers.

Alternatively, you can also browse the Internet to hunt for the best wedding photographer. Many photographers post their portfolios on the web and you can easily access them to get an idea about their photography style.

  • Set Up In-Person Interview

Meet the selected photographer face to face in a restaurant, park, or any other place to know whether you and your partner feel comfortable with them. Don’t forget to discuss fees, which include everything from shooting to image print.

  • Take A Trial Run

It’s vital to take a trial run before making a final decision. The engagement photo shoot is the best way to know the photography skills of the wedding photographer.

The Bottom Line

The above 5 tips will definitely help you to choose the best wedding photographer.