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Are you thinking about renting a car the next time you go to Dubai but not sure how? Well, a lot of people miss out on car rental services because they think it’s a tiring process. They couldn’t be any more wrong. With the advancement in technology, today hiring a car is just a few steps-process. It doesn’t require much time or effort. All you have to do is go to a rental service website and hire your car.

Hiring a car is easy but choosing the best car rental company can be a bit tricky. That’s why we have compiled this guide for you to know everything regarding choosing the best car rental company.

Dubai is one of those cities which is best explored in rental cars rather than public transportation. There’s a huge demand for car rental service and a lot of people invested in car rental companies to meet the demand. Hence, it can be very difficult to know which company offers the best value to their customers.

luxury car rental

luxury car rental

There are several ways to tell whether a company is worth your money or not.

Select your top three vehicles

Before you start hunting for a car rental company, you need to get straight about the kind of car you want to hire. Write down at least three cars that suit your needs. This gives you more options and chances to avail some deals and discounts.

Do your homework

In today’s technological world, everything is available online. So explore the internet and search ‘Best car rental companies in Dubai’ and a list of companies will pop up on your search engine result page. So go ahead and visit each company’s website to see what their prices and offers are. Pick a few websites and cross-check them to compare their prices and offers. Also, see which company offers a wide range of cars.


Rent a luxury car in Dubai from a highly reputable company. Hiring a reputable company means you’ll be safe and secure on the road.

Ratings and feedback

The best way to judge a company’s reputation is to go to their website’s reviews section and see their customer reviews and feedback. That will give you a clear picture of the company’s performance. Customer reviews are often mentioned on a company’s website. However, if you don’t find it there then you can check to Google my business where every company has been rated.

Contact customer care on the phone

Get the company’s number from their contact us page on the website and call them. Call at least two or three best car rental companies on your list and ask the questions that you may have. Having a conversation with a company’s employee also tells you how much the company prioritizes its customers.

luxury car rental

luxury car rental

Services offered by the best car rental companies

  • Offers hourly, daily, and weekly rental
  • Zero security deposit
  • No hidden charges
  • More than one payment option
  • Custom schedule
  • Basic insurance coverage
  • Same day booking confirmation
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Pickup or delivery option
  • RTA certified chauffeur
  • Easy process
  • Comprehensive mileage limits
  • Making premium mobility accessible
  • Exclusive luxurious cars

Choose the best car rental company

The right car rental company can vary for everyone depending on their specific needs. You need to choose your company based on a few things; your budget, the type of car, and services that you want. Make sure the luxury car rental you choose is equipped with all-risk insurance. So in case you’re taking the car out of the city, you would know that everything is under control and safe. Moreover, you should check whether the company offers the above services or not. A reputable company will offer more than half of the above services to their customers.

luxury car rental

luxury car rental

Other things to consider when choosing a car rental company

  • Different companies have different rates so do check and compare prices.
  • Generally, a premium price is charged for brand new cars. So if you want to save money then choose a car that has been used for some time.
  • Make sure the seating capacity meets the number of passengers and luggage.
  • Fill the tank before returning the car otherwise, the company may charge you an administration fee and the fuel amount.
  • Roadside assistance; choose a company that offers 24/7 roadside assistance. This will save you from a lot of trouble in case of an emergency.
  • Last but not least, do read the rental agreement and ask the rental company questions that you may have.