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With everything from emerald green to bright pink appearing as the most popular wedding colors in 2023, it can be hard to know what to choose. When choosing a wedding color palette that stands the test of time, you are likely to have everyone in your family offering suggestions. So, how do you know what to pick?

Below, we offer several pointers that should put you in the direction of making this single choice when it comes to wedding planning. After this, you can start to pick out other things, such as decor, dresses, and much more.

Plan a Cohesive Theme

Regardless of what they are, the best wedding colors are ones that work well together. If you use several different options, make sure they suit each other. If you have artistic friends, allow them to give advice, or talk to a wedding planner about finding hues that will work best for your wedding day.

Think About the Season

If you intend to spend a lot of time outside, remember that the outdoors will have a different look depending on the time of year. Seasonal colors for autumn, for example, are different from those for summer. Plan to match the outdoors and you will have compliments on your photos for years to come.

What Do Colors Mean?

Remember that any choice you make might have a significant meaning. Colors reflect different moods and people make decisions based on them, whether consciously or not.

The classic white for a wedding dress, for example, symbolizes purity, but red denotes passion, and pink embraces romance. Find something that suits the emotions and message you want to convey about your shared day.

Check the Venue’s Color Scheme

The venue itself is going to act as the backdrop to everything else that occurs on the wedding day. If you cannot change the look of the building through veneers or hangings, learn what it will look like ahead of time. Choose colors that complement the building, rather than clash with it, to create a harmonious aesthetic for the whole event.

Think About the Whole Wedding Party

It is important that everyone matches the look you are creating. It is not only the bride and groom who need to follow the theme, but with two families coming together, you need to make sure everyone matches.

When shopping, remember to check places that focus on creating an aesthetic not only for you but your whole ensemble group. You might even be able to find bridesmaids’ dresses or flower girl dresses on sale in the color you want.

Wedding Colors Are Only One Part of the Big Day

While wedding colors are an essential part of creating the perfect memories, there is also so much more to do. Lucky for you, we have a whole site dedicated to helping people make good decisions.

Our fashion and lifestyle articles can help you plan the wedding of your dreams with a wide variety of topics. So, check out our blog and get a leg up with planning for your big day.

Scour Favorite Websites for Inspiration

There’s plenty of inspiration online on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. On Instagram, check out local hashtags in your area, such as #Californiaweddings if you live in California. Once checking out the hashtag, look at the latest and trendiest color schemes. Seeing the pictures and videos will give you ideas for wedding colors. Plus, it’ll make you excited for upcoming nuptials!

There are plenty of popular wedding websites online as well. Besides blogs, you can find colorful bridal and bridesmaid dresses on popular wedding fashion sites. Many companies offer excellent deals online, so keep your eyes open for any promotions. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you often get a certain percentage off your first purchase.