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Having a dog around the house can be a number of things: a friend, a therapist, and a way to keep you company when your parents are home. But can convincing your parents to work to get a dog? How do you make sure you’re ready for all that comes with living with a dog?

Getting a dog is a big responsibility. But all the extra loving and company that it would bring to your home could be just what your family needs. Here are four ways you can talk to your parents about how to convince your parents to get a dog.

1. Plan Out a Daily Routine

If you are looking to convince your parents to get a dog, plan out a daily routine for yourself and the pup! Establish a schedule for feeding, walking, and playing, and be consistent with it.

Break it down into tasks such as feeding at 8:30 A.M., a morning play session with the pup at 10:30 A.M., and a take a 30-minute walk at lunchtime. Show your parents you are capable of providing the pup with plenty of attention, exercise, and care.

2. Prove to Your Parents That You’re Responsible

Proving to your parents that you are responsible is one of the key elements to convince them to get a dog. First, you must show them that you are mature enough by setting appointments and meeting deadlines.

You should also demonstrate to your parents that you are disciplined in regard to other tasks such as doing your homework and exhibiting respectful behavior. Additionally, show your parents that you are actively involved in helping out around the house with chores, as well as taking care of your own pets.

3. Figure Out a Way to Help With the Expenses That Come With Dog Ownership

If you want to convince your parents to get a dog, the best way to start is to propose ways to take responsibility and help with the expenses that come with dog ownership.

Examples of ways to help with the costs include walking the dog for neighbors, getting a dog walking or pet sitting job, and researching discounts from local veterinarians and pet stores.

If possible, offer to cover the costs of either pet food or pet supplies or help pay vet bills. You may also get Trupanion pet health insurance for your pet’s safety during travel. If your parents see that you are willing to take responsibility for costs related to the dog, they may be more likely to agree.

4. Talk up the Pros of Owning a Dog

Start your conversation by talking about pet companionship. Talk about how a pet will quickly become part of the family, offering unconditional love, cuddles, and loyalty.

Explain how the responsibility of owning a dog, such as daily walks, body language, and basic commands, can develop responsible skills in young, growing minds. The health benefits of owning a dog are even more convincing, such as improved mental and physical well-being, lowered anxiety and stress levels, improved cardiovascular health, and better general immune health.

Learn How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

Overall, on how to convince your parents to get a dog is not an impossible task. Take your time, be patient, and provide your parents with resources and information that will help alleviate their concerns and objections.

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