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As easy it is to use user-friendly websites, it’s not easy enough to design them. Designing a website prototype is a long process for which the first one needs to have a clear understanding of a website prototype. In layman’s language, a website prototype is a demo of how a website will appear to the users when it’ll go live. In the development of a website making the prototype is the first step. Now, how to design a website prototype from scratch, this is a long process with several steps.

How To Design A Website Prototype From Scratch

How To Design A Website Prototype From Scratch


Do profound research

The first step is ‘research’ is one of the most important steps as it builds the bedrock of the prototype. To design a website prototype from scratch one needs to first start gathering information.

Take a deep look at other websites and after you have observed them enough times you will see them through a different lens. Through this research, you will know and learn about the dos and don’ts on your website. In addition to that, you can use this research as an inspiration to make the most suitable site for your business/work.

Pen down ideas

To bring your ideas to life you should first accumulate them somewhere before the actual implementation. This takes us to the next step which is sketching. One does not have some special art skills for this, it’s just scribbling down the ideas of a website together. You should sketch out all the ideas which come to your head.

This process should be a little rapid. Because the more time you will take the more likely it is for you to get caught up in details. While penning down the ideas you should focus more on the larger aspects rather than the microscopic ones. After you are done with research and sketching, you will have a clear idea about the scope and elements of your website. It’s these which make you ready to start prototyping.

Start with prototyping/real-time implementation

To prototype and start working on a website you’ll need a tool. Selecting tools will not be an easy decision given the number of variants available in the market. And all of which provide you with different features for designing website prototypes.

Before selecting a tool make sure you don’t fall for the marketing strategies. Select the one tool which will be most fruitful for your prototype. Unless you are creating something multiplex all you require is an easy and well-founded tool. In case you have to create a complex website prototype then you should keep a few things in your mind;

  • What do you need the tool for?

You should have an explicit idea of what you have to prototype and for what. You should know the objective behind creating a particular prototype to get the best tool to fulfill the expectations.

  • What required resources do you have to create a prototype?

You should keep in mind the status of the resources you have with you i.e time, capital, skills, and labor. Before buying/using a tool it’s necessary to know where you stand in terms of the availability of the resources.

Creating a website prototype from scratch is a huge task for which it needs great planning, skills, capital, and labor. If one does not want to invest in all four of these aspects, there is a simpler and efficient track too. Which is to hire a website designing company to do the deed. This will not only reduce expenses and save time, but it will also yield quality results without extravagant stress/expenditure.

As we know, Delhi is not just the capital of India but also a hub of development, finding companies for website designing Company is one of the effortless tasks. In conclusion, the most feasible way to design a website prototype from scratch is to get it created by professionals who will fulfill all your requirements with minimal and one time investments.

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Srishti Panwar is a content writing intern at, Red Dash Media – Creative Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency. She believes in eternal efforts and consistency in life. In her spare time she likes to write poetry and read books. She is a keen learner and wants to explore different fields.