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Sharing images between devices is not that hard these days. In fact, the right tools can make photo sharing fast, efficient and extremely dependable. It all comes down to knowing how you can share photos quickly and saving all the necessary time. Which is where the need for immediate and efficient photo sharing comes into play.

Sync photos to your device

From the Finder you can choose Photos, and then press Sync photos to your device From, and then you can choose either Pictures, Photos and so on.

You can pick one of the different sync options, which can include videos, only favorites, or you can make the entire process automatic. It’s a great idea to consider and it will help you save time and effort. Plus, it helps eliminate many potential concerns.

Creating a Shared Photo Album

Many of these sites will allow you to share photos and the process can indeed be a great one. But the truth is that a shared album makes it easy to share images with your friends and family. From the Albums tab you can press Add and create a New Shared Album. You can offer that album a name, you press Next and then invite people before creating the album. That way you can share photos between multiple devices you own, and you also share it with others too.

Manual transfer

Photo and data transfer apps can also help you with this process. The idea is to connect the devices you want to share photos to your computer. Then you start the transfer app, select the devices and what data you want to transfer.

Transfer times are always different, depending on how many images you have. It’s a great solution to consider if you want something fast and efficient, and it will help you ensure your images are shared to the right devices in no time.


AirPlay can also be a great way for you to send images. You can activate AirPlay from the settings and then what you need to do is to copy the photo via performing a pinch gesture. Then paste it to the desired device and you will be ready. It’s a fast way, but you need to ensure you are connecting to the right device. It’s a nice idea to keep in mind, especially from a professional perspective.

We believe that it’s going to take a little bit of time in order to narrow down the right method to transfer images. And that’s where you want to adapt, include the right way to transfer images and avoid rushing at all. It’s a great idea to start sharing photos between devices early on and then slowly adapt according to your needs. It never hurts to implement the right system and once you do, the benefits you can get are impressive. You can be certain that your photo transfer is fast and efficient, and you can keep it that way without worrying about downsides.