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Many companies are losing a lot of money due to mobile ad fraud. This causes businesses are losing money over disruption of advertising budgets leading to poor ad performance. For a business it is crucial that they develop strategies that help prevent ad frauds.

Let us define what mobile ad fraud is. Mobile ad fraud is a scheme that exploits advertisers to falsely gain advertising budgets. This fraud takes place on digital gadgets like smartphones and tablets.

There are three common types of mobile add fraud:

  • ID spoofing: This method of mobile add fraud where scammers trick advertisers into believing that their adds are running in one app. When in actual sense they are running on another app.
  • SDK spoofing: SDK spoofing is where fraudsters use legitimate looking installs with data of real devices without the presence of real installs.
  • Click spamming: Click spamming is method fraudsters use whereby the scammer performs clicks for users who have not executed them.

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Ways To Fight Mobile Ad Fraud in Apps.

As digital advertising is rising so is ad fraud. Taking steps to fight mobile ad fraud should be a priority for any company. These fraud causes businesses to incur losses. There are few ways you can fight these ad frauds:

  1. Security: When planning on how to execute your mobile advertising for your products and services prioritize on security during the planning phase. Put in security measures that will protect your business from mobile ad fraud.
  2. Pick the right partners: usinesses should be careful with the third party they partner with to advertise their products and services.
  3. Be aware of all types of ad fraud: Having the knowledge of all the types of ad fraud and how they operate is crucial as it helps one to identify and avoid them.
  4. Be cautious when installing apps: Scammers use malicious apps to commit ad frauds. Ensure that you install apps that are verified may go along way in preventing scammers from using your device to commit fraudulent activities.

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What Are The Ways Used By Fraudsters To Manipulate Advertisement Performance?

1. The number of users.

Scammers often rent out fake devices to build a large number of users rather than having real people downloading the app. The fraudsters download the app on these rented devices and keep the apps running. The more apps running the more it seems like there are more users using the app, and the more impact is generated.

2. Price per ad.

Fraudsters trick companies leading them to think that their application is desirable by consumers. Scammers will do this by providing misleading data about users.

By getting rid of mobile ad fraud, companies can get to enjoy the benefits and revenues of mobile ad advertising. Once security measures are put in place companies can boost their revenues from ads by increasing the number of users and receiving higher prices per ad for their ads.