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In 2022, it may seem that everyone is trying to make their homes look as modern as possible. What happened to the nostalgic and timeless designs of the 1950s?

The mid-century modern design style is all about pulling on the unique features of traditional architecture, and bringing them up to date with modern touches.

So, why not stand out from the modern-day crowd and transform your home to a mid-century escape?

Here’s how you can get a mid-century design look in your home with tips from specialists.

Mid-century design in the 21st century

Mid-century modern is inspired by the furniture styles made prominent in the 1950s.

The main characteristics are simple, functional furniture that’s mainly focussed around wooden materials.

This interior design trend is centred on a need for functionality as well as aesthetics. The trend rose to popularity in a post-war time where people wanted furniture that was simple, clean and user-friendly.

It was the direct opposite to the ornate and fanciful furniture that was in fashion before the war, and allowed families to enjoy a more modern sense of living.

The clean lines, striking wooden build and functional style meant that the trend has remained ‘in fashion’ for decades, and has continued to be a mainstay in stylish homes across the globe.

How to apply the mid-century design at your home

There are many ways that you could incorporate the mid-century modern trend into your home.

Whether you want to go for a complete remodel of one of your rooms, or add a new piece of furniture to transform your space, it’s easy to take your home back to the 1950s and embrace one of the most popular design trends from previous decades.

Here are four ways to apply mid-century model design to your home:

Choose the right ceiling fans

When it comes to design your home, Ceiling Fans play an Important role in the overall look of your Home. You can choose a variety of Designer Fans online to get a Mid-Century design look. These Fans range from Rs 3,840 – Rs 5,760.00. Choose the best one according to your Budget.

Incorporate wooden furniture into your home

Wood is one of the main characteristics of mid-century modern design, so try and bring some of it back into your home for a 1950s feel.

Rather than going for engineered pressed wood — which is typically used in modern furniture — look out for natural teak, walnut, oak and rosewood furniture.

Use Mid-century furniture in your space

The easiest way to incorporate this design style to your home is by picking out striking mid-century furniture to act as the centrepiece of your room.

From mid-century chairs and tables, to mid-century sideboards, there are plenty of furnishings that will instantly breathe new life and energy into your home.

Revamp your lighting

Lighting can play a big part in any room, and could add a mid-century flair to your home.

You can seek out treasures from local flea markets and charity shops, or buy something brand new.

For the mid-century style, look out for fixtures that feature circular bulbs, plastic and gold hardware.

Accessorise for finishing touches

If you don’t want to go with an all-out remodel, why not select a few smaller accessories to finish off your space.

From 1950s style wallpaper, to retro mirrors and statement art pieces, it’s easy to transport your home back to earlier decades on a budget.

Final thoughts

MId-century design is a trend that’s here to stay, so there’s never been a better time to redecorate and revamp your home with some 1950s inspiration.

How would you incorporate mid-century modern into your home?