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As an EV owner in Canada, you understand the importance of finding available and reliable charging stations. The task of locating stations along your route or in an unfamiliar city can be frustrating and time-consuming. Now there’s an easy solution to finding EV charging stations wherever your travels take you in Canada.

Electrly, a leader in EV charging technology, provides an interactive map of EV charging stations across Canada. With a few clicks, you can view charging station locations, types of ports and plugs, network operators, and real-time availability. The map allows you to filter stations by location, network, and charging level so you can find the specific type of station you need. You’ll never again have to worry about where or when you can charge your vehicle.

Free EV Charging Stations

With Electrly’s free EV charging station locator map, staying powered up on the go has never been simpler. Check out the map to discover EV charging stations near you and near your destination to ensure you have a full charge whenever and wherever you need it. The interactive map puts you in the driver’s seat to locate and navigate to convenient charging stations across Canada.

Search for Free EV Charging Stations Nearby Using Map

To locate free EV charging stations near you in Canada, the best resource is Electrly’s interactive charging station map. On Electrly’s website, go to the “Charging Stations Near Me Canada” page and enter your location to see stations nearby. You can filter by connector type, network, and availability to find compatible and available options.

Map and Filter Options

The map provides an overview of public charging stations in your area. You can zoom in and out, move around, and click on each station to see details like the number of ports, connector types, network, fees, and amenities. Filtering options on the left side of the map allow you to narrow down the results. For example, choose “CHAdeMO” or “CCS” under “Connector Type” to only show stations with ports that match your EV’s charge port. Select “Free Charging” under “Network” to exclusively display free stations.

Free EV Charging Stations 2

Station Details and Availability

When you click on an individual station on the map, an information window will appear with specifics about that location. It will indicate if the station offers free charging or fees apply. You will also see the station address, hours of operation, number of ports, connector types, and network. Real-time availability of ports is displayed so you know if a station currently has an open charging spot before driving there.

With Electrly’s comprehensive charging station map and filter options, finding free and available EV charging has never been easier. Locate a free station along your route, check if ports are currently open, and have confidence in the details provided for each location. Charge your EV for free and hit the open road without worries. Electrly is making the switch to electric vehicles simple and stress-free.

Locate Public EV Charging Stations Along Your Route

To locate public EV charging stations along your route, there are a few helpful resources to utilize.

First, check out Electrly‘s website and click the interactive map showing all public EV charging stations across Canada. You can filter by connector types like CCS or CHAdeMO to ensure the stations meet your vehicle’s needs. The map provides details on each station like the number of ports, network, and available power levels. You can also get turn-by-turn directions right to the station.

Another option is to use an EV charging station locator app on your mobile device. Apps like PlugShare, ChargeHub, and ChargePoint can show real-time availability of stations, reviews from other EV drivers, and some even allow you to start a charging session right from the app. These locator services gather data from various charging networks to provide a comprehensive picture of what’s available along your route.

You should also see what kind of trip planning tools your vehicle’s infotainment system or the automaker’s mobile app offers. Many provide built-in navigation to direct you to compatible charging stations along your programmed route. The system will account for your vehicle’s range and the power levels available at stations to ensure you can complete your trip with adequate range remaining upon arrival at your destination.

With the proliferation of public EV charging infrastructure across the country, locating and accessing charging stations along your drive is becoming increasingly convenient and worry-free for EV owners. By utilizing the wealth of resources available, both online and through your vehicle’s technology, you can confidently set out on longer drives knowing there are ample charging options when and where you need them.

Find Fast Charging Stations to Quickly Charge Your EV

To quickly charge your electric vehicle (EV) on the go, look for fast charging stations along your route. Fast charging stations, also known as DC fast chargers, can provide an 80% charge in 20 to 30 minutes. Many charge point operators offer fast charging at strategic locations along highways and in urban areas.

Locate Fast Charging Stations

The easiest way to find fast charging stations is to use an EV charging locator map online or via a mobile app. Websites and apps like PlugShare, ChargePoint, and Electrify America offer maps that show the locations of fast charging stations across Canada. Simply enter your current location or destination to see available stations along your route. The details for each station will indicate the charging speeds and connector types offered so you can ensure compatibility with your EV model.

Many automobile manufacturers also offer charging station locators tailored to their EV owners. Nissan, for example, provides the Nissan ChargePoint map to LEAF drivers. Tesla owners can use the Supercharger map to locate Tesla Supercharging stations. These brand-specific maps may provide additional details on your vehicle’s state of charge and charging time estimates based on the stations’ power levels.

Know What to Expect

When you arrive at a fast charging station, look for the specific parking spots marked for DC fast charging. The station will have one or more large chargers, typically rated 50 kW or higher, that provide a quick boost to your EV’s battery. The time required will depend on the power level of the charger and the capacity of your vehicle’s onboard charger. Expect to pay a usage fee for fast charging, which is usually higher than standard Level 2 charging rates. Many public networks offer memberships or payment plans with lower per-session fees for frequent users.

Fast charging is very convenient but can impact your battery’s longevity if used excessively. For the optimal balance of convenience and battery health, use fast charging when needed but rely primarily on slower Level 2 charging at home when possible. By locating and properly utilizing fast charging stations, you’ll have the freedom to take your EV on longer trips with the confidence of quick recharging along the way.

Plan Ahead and Save Money With Free Charging Stations

To maximize the benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV), it is important to plan ahead for charging and take advantage of free EV charging stations whenever possible. Locating free charging stations along your route can help reduce range anxiety and save you money that would otherwise be spent on paid public charging or home charging equipment and installation.

Use Charging Station Maps to Locate Free Stations

Websites and mobile apps like Electrly’s EV Charging Stations Near Me Canada provide maps that pinpoint the locations of free EV charging stations across the country. You can filter charging stations in the map view by connector type (CCS, CHAdeMO or Tesla), network (ChargePoint, Greenlots, etc.) and availability (free vs. paid). Save any free charging stations along your frequently traveled routes for easy access on future trips.

Maximize Free Fast Charging When Available

Some free charging stations offer DC fast charging which can provide 60-150 kW and give you an 80% charge in 20-30 minutes. Whenever possible, plan stops at locations with free DC fast charging like some Petro-Canada, Canadian Tire and Ikea locations. This can minimize the time spent charging and get you back on the road quickly.

Take Advantage of Charging at Destinations

Many destinations like shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions offer free Level 2 charging for their customers and patrons. When traveling, do an online search for “free EV charging” and the name of your destination city or the specific business you plan to visit. Some locations may require you to sign up for their charging network to access free charging. Create accounts with major networks like ChargePoint, EV Connect and Greenlots ahead of time to be ready.

Planning ahead for free EV charging is key to maximizing the benefits of driving electric. Locate free charging stations along your route, take advantage of fast charging when available and charge for free at your destinations. Following these tips can help reduce or eliminate public charging costs and give you confidence in your EV’s range.


In conclusion, exploring the many public EV charging stations across Canada can open up a whole new world of travel opportunities for electric vehicle owners. With a robust and growing charging infrastructure, range anxiety can become a thing of the past. You have the freedom to take both short and long distance trips, discovering scenic byways and hidden gems along the way. By taking advantage of the available charging station maps and apps, you can easily locate stations when you need them and even plan out full itineraries. The age of electric road trips is here – all you need to do is get out there and drive. The open road is calling you to an eco-friendly adventure.