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We will love ourselves and our bodies in 2023. How are you showing love to your skin? If you realize your skin could use a little TLC, here are some tips to keep your skin looking radiant this year:

Keep the oil under control

While an oily face may cause “radiance,” this isn’t the type of radiant we’re going for. You’ll want to keep your oily skin under control for truly glowing, beautiful skin.

Often, oily skin can be a result of your skin overproducing oil to keep your skin moisturized. Try looking into extra-hydrating moisturizers that can help repair your moisture barrier. When you use products that offer oil control, you can manage your oil so that your face looks clean and clear, and it also helps you avoid acne issues related to oily skin. Consider investing in makeup designed for your specific skin type to get the best results possible.

Exfoliation is key

Radiant skin is well moisturized. But well-moisturized skin goes beyond just moisturizer. You’ll need to exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead, dry skin and provide a clean canvas for your moisturizer. Starting with clear, clean skin is the best way to moisturize. Speak to a dermatologist about the best exfoliation product for skin texture needs. Try to avoid any scrubs or exfoliators that include any kind of harsh, abrasive ingredients, as thes could lead to irritation and micro-tearing.

Moisturize your skin

With clean, exfoliated skin, it’s time to moisturize your skin. Don’t just do it on the days that you exfoliate your skin. A daily moisturizer is the best way to keep your skin smooth and protected, especially during the cold weather season. The right moisturizer for different seasons can allow your skin to breathe while also keeping it taken care of. Be sure to avoid fragrant moisturizers and find ones with little-to-no scents. Often, fragrance products can irritate your skin and lead to more breakouts and blemishes.

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant 2

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun

Another thing that you should be doing if you’re trying to get radiant, smooth skin is to protect it from the sun. The sun’s harsh rays can do a number on your gorgeous skin, so to keep it looking radiant, make sure you invest in some quality sunscreen that can protect it from sun spots and blemishes. Additionally, if you live in a sunny, warm climate, consider sporting some great summer hats to take your sun protection up a notch. Your skin will thank you!

Visit a spa or dermatologist every now and then

To ensure your skin gets the attention it deserves, you’ll want to consider the benefits of visiting a spa or dermatologist to get the kind of care you may need. This may look like monthly facials or getting treatment for a skin condition like melasma. It may be a beauty procedure to help you have smoother-looking skin, such as Botox, or just a superficial deep cleanse to help purify your skin.

Figure out the best treatment or care for your skin’s needs so that you can always have the radiant-looking skin you’re earning for. It may mean saving some money for your beauty needs, but the investment is worth it.

In Conclusion

When you want the best skin possible, you’ll want to invest in the right products. From moisturizers and sunscreen to exfoliating cleansers- there are many things you’ll want to shop around for so that your skin looks most radiant for any occasion and your everyday joy. Good skin feels fantastic and can boost your confidence more than you know.