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Entering a new chapter of life is always overwhelming. Whether you’re starting college, getting married, or preparing for elderly lifestyle changes, each season of life comes with the reality of all the changes ahead. Even though change can be scary, it’s often for the best.

In the case of preparing your elderly parents for changes to their living accommodations, moving forward with this change is a positive thing when your parents have shown interest in the process and evidence that they are in good health that will support them through this transition. It is essential that you recognize their readiness for independent, residential living. Don’t only simply assume that they are prepared.

The reason for cautiousness as your parents consider this change is to protect your parents and ensure their own well-being and your peace of mind that they are ready for this change. There are many factors to consider beyond your parents’ health that may influence whether it is time for this shift. Read on for more information on how to know for sure if your elderly parents are genuinely ready for independent living.

What Is Independent Living?

Ensure you understand how your parents perceive what it means to embrace independent living. Terms like ‘independent living’ and ‘assisted living’ can be used interchangeably, but they can differ. Knowing where your parents are within the definition can give you a better idea of their plans and whether you feel they’re prepared for these changes.

Independent living is residential accommodation for older adults. It affords them the amenities and community needed to support living independently. Medical accommodations, meal accommodations, and more are often included, at varying levels of care, depending on the individual’s needs.

What Are Their Plans?

Once you have factored in the state of physical and mental health that your parents are in, other things to verify include their plans for the future. Ask your parents what they want from joining an independent living community. If they express the need for community, on-call support, and an interest in embracing their later years, these are all indications that your parents are genuinely open to the change of moving on to independent living.

Have They Looked Into Options?

Independent living is set up differently depending on individual needs and the community’s terms and conditions. There may be options for housing arrangements, ranging from apartments to homes. Finding the best fit for your parents will help ensure they’ve settled into a community that feels like home to them. Find out if your parents have seen any facilities on their own and if they know what they’re looking for.

Find The Best Fit For Your Parents When They’re Ready

The independent living options you’re considering will have their own terms and conditions for residents, including the level of fitness, state of health, and more before they are welcomed into the community. Review these terms before deciding if one place or another is best for your parents.