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Many people are increasingly choosing independent travel abroad without the help of various travel agencies or the purchase of ready-made tours. They themselves make routes, choose the sights they want to see and the cities they want to visit. However, the most beautiful and picturesque places still need to be reached.

One of the most convenient options is to rent a car. Whether it’s the hot Emirates or cold Norway, the rental company will be able to find the most suitable car for you. If you are a fan of speed and adrenaline, then rent Ferrari Dubai will be a great option for you. Considering that renting luxury cars is now quite an affordable option, you will be able to enjoy all the sights booked with the greatest comfort.

Make A List Of Things

When travelling by car, there is a temptation to take everything at once. But it’s best to plan ahead for what you might need; besides, everything missing can be bought. Here is a short list:

  • documentation
  • cash and bank cards
  • navigator with online and offline maps
  • mobile phones and chargers
  • first aid kit
  • clothing for the season, plus an umbrella and raincoat
  • small pillows and blankets for a comfortable rest
  • thermo mugs
  • favourite collection of songs that will help you tune in for a wonderful trip

Build A Route

Of course, going wherever your eyes look is an interesting idea, but the best thing is a pre-planned and interesting route. There are many services that help build a route from point to point, show travel time, traffic jams, and ways to bypass them.

Comfortable travel time is about 500-600 km per day, so that in the evening you don’t fall off your feet, and the journey does not turn into hard labour.

Follow Traffic Rules

Check the traffic rules of the countries you are going to. Specify what traffic is there (right-hand or left-hand), speed limits, when you can use low beam headlights, rules for crossing intersections, and other important points. Pay attention to specific requirements and signs.

After a pleasant trip, you don’t want to pay a bunch of fines at all, agree? You can download an application that will show sections of the road with cameras and speed limits.

Think Of Entertainment

Think in advance about what you can do on the road while travelling in a rented car, so that it is not boring and the driver does not doze off from the monotony of actions.

Take Care Of Your Stops

Plan in advance where you will stay overnight, you may need to book hotels. Sleeping in a bed is much more comfortable than sleeping in an uncomfortable position in a car after a day of driving. Try to also make stops and periodically eat in a cafe, so you provide yourself with a change of scenery, and there will be no feeling that you spent the whole day on the road.

Like At Home

If possible, choose a car rental company that has about the same car as the one you drive at home. Then it will not be necessary to deal with incomprehensible controls. And you will feel the dimensions immediately. It is important. So there is less chance of scratching the bumper.

There is one exception to this rule. It’s great to rent a car that you can’t afford or wouldn’t buy for purely practical reasons.

How To Make A Trip On A Rented Car Eventful And Comfortable 2

Two Drivers Are Better Than One

It will be better if several drivers in the rented car can change, allowing each other to relax and enjoy the views from the window. When concluding a contract, all potential drivers must be entered into it, since in the event of a breakdown or accident, insurance coverage may depend on this. Sometimes an additional driver may charge a fee, but it’s better not to save on this. Also, check the age limits.


When choosing accommodations, pay attention to the availability of parking. If it’s a hotel or hostel, look for those that have parking. If it is an apartment, then check for suitable parking nearby. Do not forget that you will not only have to walk from it to housing, but also drag suitcases.


Planning a trip, making an itinerary, and booking a rental car in advance are some of the factors that should be considered when travelling. Driving a rented car abroad means expanding the possibilities of your travel. With some flexibility, you can get a near-perfect ride.

And remember, a positive attitude is the key to any journey. Whatever happens, stay calm and imagine what a new adventure this is.