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Meeting the new human in this world requires a lot of preparation and planning. The nursery will most likely be the room that serves multiple purposes such as sleeping, dressing and changing, feeding, playing, and bedtime reading.

Having a thoughtful plan is necessary to give the baby the greatest comfort and be comfortable yourself during all these activities. This short article sheds light on renovating a nursery and its essential aspects. Here you will also find out how to bring a personal touch to the nursery with Crawoo.

4 Main Ideas to Put In Practice During Nursery Renovations

Before all the points we mention here, it would be perfect if you had a layout to organize a nursery and later, using this layout (with zones according to their purposes), do everything else.

At this point, remember that the sleeping zone should be far from radiators and windows since the baby will undoubtedly need daytime naps.

Apart from this, take a look at other significant ideas.

Think about flooring.

Yes, the essential thing to consider first is not even the color of wallpapers or cute toys to place there. A baby will spend a lot of time on the floor – sitting, crawling, playing, learning to walk.

Here there are 2 main aspects: the hardness of the surface and the temperature. To cushion the baby’s arms and knees, you may lay down a soft carpet or cover the entire floor.

In houses with cold floors, many parents go for heated floors. However, wooden floors might also be great as they are generally warm.

Consider the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Another concern that parents should keep in mind is keeping the room clean. In fact, it’s possible to make this easier by choosing such elements that won’t be hard to clean.

For example, plan the furniture in such a way that no places are hard to reach for both dry and wet cleaning. Smaller details also matter: replacing old door hinges trading thick old carpets for a new and less hairy one.

Invest in good furniture.

Choosing the baby’s bed or feeding chair, you naturally want it to be reliable and enduring: made of solid wood, carefully polished, without small, easily detachable elements.

So, forget about saving money this time. Basically, besides the cot and feeding chair, you will need:

  • Changing table or mat
  • Mattress
  • Drawers and storage shelves

The absolute winner among mattresses is the one that can transform into a bed suitable for a toddler or even full bed sizes. If this one is all-natural and nontoxic as well, the kid will simply never outgrow it!

Be careful about sharp edges of furniture and other potentially dangerous at-home nursery things.

Make it homely and personal.

If this room was once dull and essential, turn it into the place that catches the eye. The nursery will brighten up with relatively simple designs in neutral and pastel colors but with a few accents.

So, have fun with the paint add animal characters or wall signs. crawoo offers a lot of wooden nursery elements with outstanding and individual designs – there is certainly something you can choose.

As you see, renovating a nursery isn’t too difficult, but it requires a plan and attention to detail.