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Life is all about working, there’s no doubt about that. No matter how you sugarcoat experiences, it all centers around work. Not to scare you, but this is the truth. You can’t get anything in life without working for it. You work to get money. Achieving things needs hard work for you to reach it.

Getting a job is very crucial in your adult life. You are most likely living independently and you provide now for your parents, unlike the last year when it was the other way around. To get a job, you need to be as pleasing as you can be. You appear with an attractive aura and personality. You present yourself in the most favorable way to have plus points in your acceptance rate.

Pleasing, not only physically, but also to your credibility. You present your credentials to make sure of your spot in the work.

The word resume appears first in our minds when we talk about showing credentials in applying for a job. Resumes are indeed important and it is what you’re most likely to show when you apply for a job. It includes your history and attainments in education, achievements received outside school, your past job/s (if you have one) experiences and accomplishments, and skills you have that could be applied in your work.

Showing how much you excel will ensure your employers that you are credible enough for the work and that they trust you enough to have you in their workplace. With your credentials, you can apply for any job you want, and depending on how high your credibility is, you can also get accepted by one or even all of them.

Aside from a resume, a cover letter could also get you applied although some companies don’t require it and not everyone writes one. A resume is enough to get you hired, yes, and everyone knows how to write one. A cover letter, on the other hand, is rarely used by job-finders and not everyone knows what a cover letter is or how to write one.

A cover letter is written in a way that shows your enthusiasm for getting the job and a bit of your personality. You advertise yourself to your employers. You showcase your personality for your employers to read and judge. You write how each of your credibility will help the company if you get hired and relate your expertise to the job requirements presented during hiring. A cover letter written with a pleasing personality can give extra points to your acceptance rate.

By also writing this paper, the company can read your motive and your eagerness in working. Because it is not normally required in some companies, presenting one would show how much you want the job and, together with your colorful credentials, you can get that job in no time.

And because it is not required in many companies, not everyone is familiar with writing a cover letter. Cover letter examples are found all over the internet and you can get an idea through pictures and different sites. To give you an insight, cover letters are written with:

Heading: Your name, your address, the contact information of who you’re sending the letter, and the date should be found in this part of your letter.

Salutations: Salutations are greetings in letter form. If your recipient’s name was mentioned, you can put their name together with their titles (for example: “Mr.”, “Ms./Mrs.”, or “Dr.”).  If it is not mentioned, write “Dear Recruiters”, “Dear Employers”, or “Dear Hiring Manager”.

Body: The inside of the letter should contain your future contributions to the company if ever you are hired. It should contain an in-depth description of your credentials in your resume and how each can help the company. All of these are written in a way that would also show your personality (personality is also a big thing in work!).

Closing: Like any other letter, you end this one with a complimentary close such as “Sincerely,” or “Best Wishes.”

And yes, we work and work and work and we look for jobs to keep us going. These two things might be extremely helpful in applying one. Hope for the best!!