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If you run a successful business and you regularly host potential business clients at your Sydney factory, this article was written with you in mind. Your guest’s experience might make the difference between success and failure and with that in mind, here is our short guide on how to receive a VIP business client.


This calls for a chauffeured car to meet your guest at Sydney Airport and whisk them off to their hotel, which is a better idea than taking them to meet you directly. Give your guest time to unpack and rest, then have the driver collect them when they are ready; this is especially important after a long-haul flight, where jet lag might be an issue. The car should be made available to your guest for the duration of their stay; you can arrange for various excursions, not forgetting a floating dinner in Sydney Harbour.


The penthouse suite would definitely be appropriate for a VIP guest, or an elegant suite that overlooks the ocean. If you have guests fly in on a regular basis, then you probably have a working relationship with a top hotel/resort and you might want to consider an upgrade.

Dining out

Sydney is a premier city for sightseeing; book tables at the best restaurants to ensure that your guest enjoys a diverse selection of 5-star eateries, with you accompanying them, of course. You can search online for cabaret shows and if there is a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House, you simply must invite your guest, as this would be a highlight of their trip. Here are a few questions to ask when renting a car.

Touring your facility

Of course, we do have to get down to business; we’re sure your guest will be eager to tour your facility and you can discuss things in your meeting room. Select your best employee to head up the tour and make sure you have a translator at hand if need be.


If you and your guest play golf, you really should book a round at one of the top courses in NSW, which will be something to be cherished by your guest. Whatever your guest is into, make sure to include something while they are staying with you. Shopping, for example, you can use a chauffeured car to take them to the best shopping outlets in the trendy part of town.

Helicopter tour

If you want your VIP guest to be super-impressed, take them on a helicopter tour of Sydney, Hunter Valley and the unique Blue Mountains. Search online for helicopter tour operators and make a booking as soon as the dates are confirmed. You can enjoy fine wine and lunch at one of the top wineries, then in the afternoon, the pilot will fly you through the stunning Blue Mountains.

Taking extra special care of your VIP guests should lead to a mutually beneficial business relationship.