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If you’re a recently-passed, younger driver, we get the frustration of extortionate insurance premiums. Sometimes it can even price you out of buying a car altogether. But don’t despair. Read this article first – you never know, it could help you get on the road sooner than you think. From installing a ‘black box’ to buying a car with a smaller engine, we’re revealing how to reduce your car insurance costs, with a few surprisingly simple suggestions to try.

#1 Give the black box a go

You may not like the idea of your every driving move being recorded, but it could drive down your insurance premiums. How? The black box records data about your driving habits and sends this information to your insurance provider. If you prove to be a responsible driver who follows the speed limits and curfews, you could be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. It’s that simple.

The black box is particularly helpful for young, inexperienced drivers or motorists with driving convictions.

#2 Buy a smaller car

Smaller cars tend to be a popular choice for new drivers. One huge benefit of choosing a car with a smaller engine is that it comes with a lower insurance premium. Why? It’s all down to statistics. Motorists driving larger cars with bigger engines are statistically speaking more likely to be involved in an accident. So, if you find a car you like, but don’t like the price of the insurance, it could be worth seeing if you can find a similar car with a slightly smaller engine. It could make a world of difference.

#3 Buy a cheaper car

If your car is expensive, your insurance will also be more expensive. That’s why it’s best to go for a cheaper model – one that’s less expensive to repair or replace.

#4 Shop around

If at first you don’t succeed, try again! It’s always worth shopping around for a better insurance quote. Just make sure you’re getting all the coverage you need. Price comparison sites are always worth a visit, but just remember that sometimes the best quotes are found by contacting an insurance company directly.

#5 Find a secure home for your car

On street parking in an area with a high crime rate will cost you higher insurance premiums. However, by finding a more secure home for your car, you can make your insurance that little bit more affordable. Keeping it in a locked garage when not in use is by far one of the best options.

#6 Drive less

If you’re buying your first car, you may have dreams of driving as many miles as possible. We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your new-found freedom. We’re also not saying you should quit your day job if it involves long commutes. But, if you drive fewer miles each year that can keep your insurance costs down. Fewer miles = less chance of an accident. So, if feasible, it can be worth shaving off some mileage.

#7 Add another driver

If you’re a new driver, are under the age of 25 or have previous convictions, insurance companies will view you as more of a risk. One of the simplest ways to lower your insurance costs is to add another responsible driver, someone with more experience and no driving convictions or penalty points.

#8 Buy a dash cam

This will involve parting with some cash, but some insurance providers will offer special insurance discounts to drivers with a dash cam. Aside from potentially reducing your insurance premiums, it can also protect you from fraudulent claims and offer reliable evidence if an accident occurs.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned motorist, if you feel you’re paying too much for your insurance, we’re sure these tips will help you lower your premiums. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s certainly a good starting point for getting a lower insurance on your new or used cars. Happy insurance shopping!