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When it comes time to sell your house, you probably already know that you’ll want to take steps to make it look its best. That means yard maintenance, painting, and taking care of any major repairs. Top real estate agents will also advise you that giving your bathrooms and kitchen a refresh can also make a big difference when attracting potential buyers. If your kitchen is in need of a serious update — especially if you want to reorganize the layout of a small kitchen to create more space — it can be tempting to go for a major remodel. However, a major renovation is not only expensive (and you may not get a return on all of your investment), it can also be a long process. The good news is, there are ways to update your kitchen and create space and light, without starting a demolition project. You’ll give your kitchen a much-needed refresh that can attract buyers in no time.

Declutter, deep clean, and get organized

Getting rid of stuff is one way to make any space look larger. When it comes to the kitchen, you’ll want to start by clearing off counter space by storing small appliances and going through utensils, decorative pieces, or other objects that might have been adding to clutter in your kitchen. Sorting through items in your cabinets can also make way for space to put away items on your countertops. You can work using the KonMari method of sorting through items by category (such as mugs) and then donating or throwing away anything that is chipped, stained, or broken. After you create a clean slate, then you can go for a deep clean to really make your kitchen shine and see where you might want to take your refresh to the next level.

Get a fresh coat of paint

Painting can do wonders to make your home look clean and fresh, as any real estate agent will tell you. For the kitchen, that might be in the form of an accent wall in a bright color, or taking off cabinet doors and refinishing them. One trick to make a small space look larger is by painting everything white. Wallpaper can be another option for an accent wall, or a tiled backsplash, as long as it’s in a light color.

Go modern

While replacing entire cabinets can be a big job, you can give your cabinets a refresh by replacing their hardware. You can go modern by adding streamlined cabinet pulls and take it even further by adding a coordinated faucet. A white sink is another on-trend addition that can also make your space seem larger and brighter.

Let there be light

Adding light to a room makes it inviting while at the same time appearing larger. Removing drapes and maybe even adding a skylight are two options worth considering. You can also update your light fixtures with modern pendant lights. Natural bamboo, exposed bulbs, or colored shades can all make a small space seem larger.

In any home, maximizing space is all about adding light and clearing clutter. With a few changes, you can give your kitchen a refresh in no time to make the most of your space.

What’s more

Looking to sell your house fast? There are a few things you can do to help speed up the process. First, make sure your house is in good condition and that any necessary repairs have been made. This will make it more attractive to potential buyers and help to sell your house fast. Secondly, declutter your home and get rid of any personal belongings that could turn buyers off. You want them to be able to envision themselves living in your home, so make sure it looks like a blank canvas. Finally, price your home competitively.