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One of the most common reasons to ship embryos or gametes is to undergo fertility treatment at a different clinic or location that offers more specialized services or better success rates. Others may include preserving fertility options for future use, donating to a recipient seeking assistance, or conducting research. Shipping embryos or gametes enables individuals or couples to access a more comprehensive range of fertility treatment options and increase their chances of starting or growing their family.

Shipping embryos or gametes is a delicate process that requires careful planning and execution to ensure that the specimens are transported safely and efficiently. Here are some essential aspects to ship embryos or gametes to another clinic for fertility treatment.

Choose a Reliable Shipping Company

Choose a reliable shipping company to confirm that your embryos or gametes arrive at their destination safely and within the required timeframe.

Look for companies specializing in transporting biological specimens and have experience handling delicate materials. It is also essential to check that the shipping company complies with all relevant regulatory standards.

Check Legal Requirements

Before shipping embryos or gametes, you should comply with all legal requirements. All countries have varying regulations regarding biomaterial transport, so it’s vital to check with the shipping company and the suitable authorities.

For example, in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific requirements for transporting human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) for clinical use. Ensure that you comply with these regulations to avoid any legal complications.


The packaging of embryos or gametes is crucial to ensure their safety during transport. The specimens must be stored in specialized containers that maintain the required temperature and protect them from shocks or vibrations during transit.

The packaging should also comply with the relevant regulatory standards, including labeling, documentation, and special permits.

Temperature Control

Embryos or gametes are sensitive to temperature changes, so it’s essential to maintain the required temperature during transportation. The temperature requirements may vary depending on the specimen type and the transport duration.

Ascertain that the shipping company has the appropriate equipment to maintain the specified temperature and monitor it throughout transit.


Timing is critical when shipping embryos or gametes, as delays may affect the specimens’ viability. You should plan the transport schedule to guarantee specimens arrive at the destination clinic within the required timeframe.

To minimize the risk of delays, you may consider using a courier service that offers express or same-day delivery. You may also need to factor in time differences between the shipping and receiving countries.


Communication is vital when shipping embryos or gametes to another clinic. It’s paramount to keep all parties involved in the transport process informed of any changes or updates and ensure they are prepared to receive the shipment and have the necessary equipment and resources to handle the specimens.

Assure the shipping company with all the required information, such as the receiving clinic’s address, contact person, and opening hours. You may also need to inform the receiving clinic of the shipment’s expected arrival date and time.


Tracking the shipment is crucial to check that the specimens arrive at their destination safely and within the required timeframe. Most shipping companies offer tracking services that allow you to monitor the shipment’s progress and receive notifications of any delays or issues.

Look for the necessary tracking information and regularly monitor the shipment’s progress.


Building a family with the help of an egg or sperm donor is a significant decision for the intended parents. However, you must be cautious about receiving advice regarding the import/export of gametes and embryos from anyone who might receive a commission from an overseas agency or clinic. Engaging in any process that isn’t through the proper channels or based on specific legal advice for your unique situation can be risky.

Choose a trustworthy shipping company, such as ARK.Cryo. They comply with legal requirements and control proper packaging, temperature control, timing, communication, and tracking to guarantee your specimens arrive safely at their destination and within the required timeframe. By adhering to these steps, you can increase the likelihood of successful transport and contribute to fertility treatment around the globe!