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Taking care of your skin can be a matter of trial and error in terms of what products are suitable for your own skin, but there are a few general skincare rules that apply to everyone that can lead you to living a healthier lifestyle with glowing, nourished skin. Read on to discover what these rules are, and how you can implement them in your own life.


Skin barrier wipes are highly recommended as skin protection if you are trying to care for a recent wound. They allow the skin breathing space as they are silicone based, meaning they contain no harsh chemicals and in turn it does not dry out or eradicate the oils from your skin. As far as protective wipes go, they are top-rated as an effective non-sting product. Because these wipes are usually used for ostomy care, it is strongly advised that you consult your doctor on whether this product is suitable for you.


Using a tanning bed is proven to have very severe health risks, specifically linked to skin cancer. Studies have shown that using a tanning bed increases this risk by 20 percent, and even reaches heights of 87 percent if the individual begins using them before the age of thirty five. In addition, tanning beds visibly damage skin and increase noticeable signs of aging. Instead, use fake tan in the form of oils or creams for a healthier alternative that can give you a natural looking glow.


Invest in bakuchiol or retinol for skincare products that are health based. Bakuchiol, for example, gives you plumper, youthful, and firmer skin due to increased cell regeneration and encouraged collagen production. Also, it is proven to be suitable for all skin types, so for whatever category your skin falls into, it is appropriate to include in your daily skincare routine. These products directly and deliberately target proteins in your skin that will visually modify your skin for the better.


In a similar vein to tanning beds, too much exposure to the sun can cause skin problems such as skin cancer and age spots as a consequence. The top sun protection tip is to invest in a high SPF sunscreen, and to apply liberally, especially when abroad. When swimming on holiday you will be simultaneously washing off your skin protection, so ensure to reapply repeatedly throughout the day. In addition to sunscreen, give your body a break by finding cool spots of shade to rest in, and wear protective clothing such as sunglasses and sun hats to evade the ultraviolet rays.


Your diet is a factor that directly affects your skin. For example, sugary foods tend to trigger breakouts of acne and can even cause wrinkles because sugar gradually breaks down the skin proteins that give it shape and structure. Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet on a daily basis to maintain healthy, glowing skin, and ensure that you are drinking six to eight glasses of water per day.