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Google Search Console is a powerful tool to get valuable insights into your site’s SEO performance. This free tool is capable of doing wonders if used in the right way. As a website owner, you can dig down into the data and have comprehensive information that can help you drive more traffic. If you have not used the Search Console for driving more organic traffic, then this post will be very useful.

Even if you are new to SEO, you can follow the basic tips and for advanced tips, you can also consider getting good SEO packages to keep the SEO game going.

google search console

google search console

Advanced keyword analysis

Google ranks your content and the entire website for a lot of keywords even if you don’t optimize for them. Yes, you read that right and you can leverage those keywords to boost your traffic. Once you log into your Search Console dashboard, you will find multiple options to sort the data and you need to click on queries.

Once you click, you will find all the major keywords that your site is ranking. However, the smart strategy is to click on individual pages and then check which page is ranking for what keywords. After you get the details, make an excel sheet and list down all pages and their ranking keywords.

Out of them, search for those keywords that have higher search volume and low competition. You will definitely find a couple of such keywords. Now, to boost organic traffic, optimize the existing page content with more of those high-volume keywords.

Submitting Sitemap

This is a basic step every site owner should follow but still, only a few people do it correctly. A sitemap is very important for sound SEO as it helps the crawlers to scan all the pages much faster and rank them with a faster turn around.

If you are using WordPress CMS, you will find a lot of good plugins that will automatically generate the sitemap for your site for faster crawling. Or, if you have an HTML site, you can use a sitemap generator to create one and upload it using FTP.

The benefit of sitemap is that it will improve the visibility of the site for various search terms and help you rank other pages of the site also. If you don’t have an in-house team to do this, you can get professional SEO packages and let the team get everything done for you.

Refine target audience for more traffic

Focusing on the audience that is more interested in your product or services is the ultimate goal for any SEO plan. You can refine your target audience and find out which country or which region is searching the most about your niche.

After you log into Search Console, click on the country tab in the dashboard to see all the countries from where you are getting traffic. Check from which country you are getting the highest CTR and traffic. You can optimize the upcoming content campaign keeping in mind that audience and drive more organic traffic to your site.

This content-based targeting will bring good organic traffic as you are creating bespoke content to attract more similar-interest people. Go to the pages and then sort them by country to get better insights about all your site pages.

Focus on device type

Most people get so engrossed in fixing the other things that they forget important metrics like device type. You have to figure out the device bifurcation of your site to create the next campaign accordingly.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, the search console will show less number of mobile visitors and there may be several other reasons also. But your target must be growing the mobile users on your site. This will happen when you make your website mobile-friendly. This will not only improve your site’s ranking but also grow organic traffic.

You can use Google’s free page speed insight tool to check out the performance of the site on both desktop and mobile versions. Along with this, the tool will also suggest some optimizations that you can follow to boost the performance even more.

Keep track of technical issues

Google Search Console gives you a brief idea about the technical issues of your website. Go to Security & Manual Actions section and you will find the list of errors if your site has any. You can also check for manual penalties imposed by Google by going to the Manual actions section of the tool.

Always keep an eye on these two sections and in case you find some issues, get them fixed as soon as possible to keep your site safe. Google pays a lot of attention to the site’s security and that is why you should also keep your website robust and secure. Once you fix any present technical errors or manual actions, the search visibility will automatically go up.

These were some important tips to drive more search traffic to your site using Google Search Console. If you haven’t used this tool yet, set it up and get started. Or you can also get professional SEO packages and the SEO experts will take care of everything.