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Social Media is more than just a network for interacting with friends and creating viral content. These digital platforms can also be helpful tools for individuals looking for opinions and answers. Therefore, when looking for the perfect hotel, you may wonder how you can turn to these online communities for suggestions and solutions.

Luckily, we discuss how to find the perfect hotel on social media, so keep reading to find out.

Join Travel Groups

Many groups and forums are dedicated to travel, specific states or cities, and events, which are great places to help you find the perfect hotel.

Consider joining community groups with page names that mention road trips, travel, places to go, or the city you plan to visit.

In these groups, you can ask for recommendations, personal experiences, and have real-time discussions with individuals who have been to the hotels you are considering.

Ask the community members what they liked or didn’t like about certain lodging facilities.

People tend to enjoy sharing their trip experiences and opinions, so you can find a great list of fantastic hotel options by using this method. Remember to ask questions specific to your family’s needs and for pictures of their getaway for reference.

Make a Post

Whether you are staying close to home or going long distances, you will surely have a few social media friends that have been to your destination. If you make a post on your page, you may receive recommendations from friends, family, and other individuals whose opinions you value or align with your interests. Of course, the best recommendations are the ones from people you trust.

If a friend comments on your post with suggestions, you can message them privately for more information. Additionally, you can search that friend’s profile and visit trip photos if available. This will help give you a good idea of what the hotel facility looks like without relying on professionally edited images.

It’s always easier to talk with someone you are comfortable with, and you are more likely to receive genuine responses when using this method. In your post, consider giving some background information on where you are going, why you are traveling, who is going, and what you plan to do or see while away.

Look at Hotel Pages

When you compile a list of hotel options from either google searches or recommendations, go over to the hotel’s social media pages and do your own deep dive.

While on the hotel’s page, look at public comments and reviews that previous guests have left. These reviews are often more reliable than the ones found on google sites. In these reviews, skim through for comments that mention particularly good or bad experiences.

On the hotel pages, you will find contact information, photos from guests, advertisements, deals, special events taking place, and more. Additionally, you can ask public questions on the page that the hotel or its followers can answer.

One of the best features of hotel social media pages is the ability to message hotel staff the same way you would chat online with a friend. In these messages, you can ask any question you would like, and responses are typically given within a few minutes.

According to Hotel Engine, an added perk of using social media in your hotel search is that many companies provide exclusive deals and discounts to followers.

Watch YouTube Videos

On YouTube, you can do anything from watching music videos to learning how to change your car’s oil filter. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise to know that you can find incredibly informative videos in relation to hotels.

If you already know which city you are traveling to, you can search for videos highlighting the best hotels in the area. Or, if you have already compiled a list of prospective lodging options, you can search for video reviews that may include footage of the facility.

These YouTube videos may be able to give you great insight, considering that many vloggers dedicate the majority of their trip to their video reviews. These creators provide honest feedback on staff, amenities, room cleanliness, overall value, nearby attractions, and more.


Whether traveling for work, attractions, or family, it is natural to want to lodge in the perfect hotel. After all, staying in a hotel tends to be half the fun anyway. So, when you plan a trip, you may find yourself wondering how you can find the perfect hotel.

Doing a simple google search will help you find some options; however, the top results are often prioritized according to monetization.You can turn to social media to find un-filtered recommendations for the best hotels or you can try specialized search engines, like to find the perfect lodge for yourself.  There, you can ask various travel groups, friends/family, or the hotel directly questions regarding each facility while looking at reviews, photos, and more.