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Cross-border commerce has been growing exponentially throughout history, and the recent past has seen a boom in these shopping trends – thanks to eCommerce. Cross-border eCommerce has been remarkably simplified, attracting entrepreneurs in various niches and industries keen to take advantage of the potential for business growth. However, as much as the cross-border industry seems unstoppable, shipping challenges are the most frequently cited obstacles among most cross-border shoppers globally. The good news is that if you’re in Canada, you can unlock and get the most out of your online shopping in the USA. You just need to forward your packages to our office in Prescott, Ontario, directly from your free US address.

If you’re new to this, you’re probably wondering how you can have your own US address without being in the US. It turns out it’s quite a simple process. All you need to do is identify a reputable US mailing address and package forwarding service provider, preferably based on their unique features and reviews by other shoppers in your country, and sign up with them. is a great place to start if you’re a Canadian shopper ready to order goods from your favorite US online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Apple store, Best Buy, Google stores, etc.

An Overview of how Cross-Border Shopping Process Works

If you’re an ardent online shopper, chances are you have a knack for always finding some of the best and most amazing deals online. However, your online expeditions as a cross-border shopper won’t mean much if there are obstacles to you getting your hands on your desired products. Below is a summary of general steps to fulfill your US dream purchases by working with freight forwarding partners of choice.

Identify and Register with a Parcel Forwarding Company

Choosing the perfect forwarding company to work with is the first step to unlocking your best online cross-border shopping experience. The internet is a great place to start your search. After identifying a potential parcel forwarding company, find out more about them by reading through their terms and conditions. Assess their service delivery and reputation through online reviews from their past customers. They should also be experienced and work with certified carriers.

After settling for a forwarding company of choice, register with them according to their terms. Some may charge for registration while others provide it for free (this could also influence your decision on whether to partner with them). You will receive your US mailing address upon successful registration.

Know your US Address and how to Input It

Your US address will have all the vital information on how you can be contacted. It includes information such as; Your Name (First and Last), Street Address, City, State, Zip code, and Variable symbol/Code. The variable code at the end will help the forwarding company know that the goods belong to you and must be included every time you make an online purchase.

Go Shopping!

You can now visit any online store and start your purchases. There are two basic ways to go about it depending on the requirements of specific stores. The first and most common is buying goods directly using your credit card. The second, for stores with various payment restrictions, is the assisted purchase approach. This is where you allow the parcel forwarding company to make the purchases on your behalf based on your instructions.

Wait for a Notification

You’ll receive a notification once your goods arrive at the parcel forwarding company stores. Most notifications are usually through email.

Request the Package be Forwarded to your Home address

Provide your home address and ask them to forward the goods there. They will send you a quote with all associated fees and shipping costs. The costs will vary depending on the size and weight of your package, your location, and the mode/speed of delivery.

Customize your Shipping Options (if desired)

Parcel forwarding companies have various additional perks used to delight and maintain their customer base. They may include services like content inspection, photos of your package, repackaging or “consolidation” services for better prices, etc. Check out the services that may apply to you and leverage them for better pricing.

Expect to Receive your Parcel

You can now sit back and wait for your parcel to arrive. You will receive a tracking number that will keep you posted on the real-time location of your package and when you can receive it after it’s dispatched.

Gone are the days when cross-border shoppers had to be physically in the US to access various shopping opportunities. Unlimited options exist to conveniently purchase and manage your packages online to reach you at any destination at affordable prices. All you have to do is identify and work with a reputable package forwarding service from the US to Canada and vice versa (or any other location).