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Everybody knows that shoes are prone to creasing. This will render them less attractive and aesthetically pleasing. In the real world, no one likes such shoes. The good news is you can avoid this by following some care and proper usage instructions.

Read this step-by-step guide on “How to walk without creasing shoes?”. It will help you ensure the fresh and new look of your shoes. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

What Is Creasing In Shoes?

When you walk in your shoes, the bending of your foot leads to the crease formation with time. In addition, the material of the shoes compresses because of the pressure produced during walking. This produces wrinkles on your shoes.

The reason behind these wrinkles or creases is the leather quality and consistency. If the quality is not up to the mark, the creasing may heighten.

How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes?

Yes, you can prevent creasing in your shoes. The only way to do this is by following this step-by-step procedure on how to walk without creasing shoes:

1. Avoid Stepping on Toes

While walking, focus on putting the heels on the earth first rather than the toes. If you place your toes first on earth while walking, you may experience severe wrinkles or creases.


Make sure to put most of the weight on the heel side of your shoes. You can enjoy high strength and flexibility in calf muscles when you adopt such walking.

2. Adopt Proper Posture

Posture is the key to avoiding creasing on your shoes. The posture you need to follow is:


· Keep your shoulders slightly back while walking

· Ensure the straightness of the back

Doing this will also help you reduce back pain and keep you from bending the backbone. In addition, this will help you maintain creaseless shoes over time.

3. Never Kneel or Crouch

Avoid kneeling when you are wearing your shoes. If you want to kneel, then first take off your shoes. The reason behind this is that kneeling leads to a lot of pressure on the toe box. As a result, this produces wrinkles.

On the other hand, crouching may also lead you to such a situation. If your job requires severe crouching or kneeling, you need to bear with creasing. Although it does not matter once or twice, such regular activities can substantially damage shoe appearance.

4. Choose Perfect Fit

The right size does matter. The more you lose your shoe, the more you will experience wrinkles above it. On the other hand, a perfect-fit shoe will eventually prevent frequent collapsing of the toe box as you walk. In the end, you will experience less creasing.


To enjoy creaseless shoes, you need to choose the correct shoe size. Then, you can go to the shoe store and measure your foot size. In this regard, the option exists to take some aid from a professional podiatrist, who can provide expert guidance on your foot health.

5. Ensure Shoelace Tightening

If you do not get tight, the shoe laces at an appropriate level of tightness. Then you will get your shoes creased in less time. As loose laces tend, your toe is prone to bending.


To achieve this, better remove all laces and start from the top. Ensure optimum tightness with every single tie. Please do not exceed the level of tightness, as it will eventually hurt your feet.

6. Inserts Padding Where Needed

For some shoes like sneakers or joggers, you can use the padding on the toe box. It eliminates the formation of excess pressure on top because of bending. This ultimately removes the wrinkle or crease formation.


You can purchase a pair of padding from nearby and insert them in the shoes while wearing them. Unfortunately, it also ends up in slight creasing than severe creasing, even if the leather quality is not good.

7. Try Swapping

When you wear a single pair of shoes every day, you will experience creases sooner or later. The only solution to this issue is to try substitute shoes or alternates. It will reduce the speed of wear on shoes significantly.

8. Strategic Storage

Wise storage is the key to the longevity of your shoes. When you take your shoes off and store them. Make sure to put in trees or horns. The tree or horns comprises cardboard or solid plastic material.

This eventually prevents bending due to stress while you are not wearing them. Such strategic storage is your way to creaseless shoes.

9. Practice Drying: How to walk without creasing shoes

In case you have to crease your shoes. You can avoid it or even reduce it to the permissible limit. The only way to do this is through wetting and drying. This will work best when you own leather shoes.

Be careful when using water as it can damage the material of some shoes.

You can employ ironing, steaming, and blow-drying techniques to avoid further creasing.

For ironing, you need to cover your shoes with a newspaper and put them over a damp cloth. Ensure iron drying for around 10 seconds and consistently check to avoid damage.

In blow drying, put a shoe tree in your shoes. Maintain a distance of around 2 feet. Later move the shoe tree on your shoe to remove creases.

While using steam heating, wet a piece of cloth and heat it in the oven for around 30 seconds. Smooth out curves through the tree, if any.

10. Make Use of Rolled Socks

Before going on a trip, make sure to pack your shoes carefully. First, roll up the socks or extra pair that you have. Now insert it within your shoes. Doing this will help you maintain your sneakers or shoes in their original form. No matter if you’re putting them in a tiny bag or briefcase.


Everyone does not have a budget that will allow them to make frequent shoe purchases. So instead, they continuously search for a way to prevent their shoes’ originality, appearance, and look.

The insights you have got from a detailed guide on “How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes?” is your solution. Now you know every tactic you can practice to avoid creasing or wrinkling on your shoes.

You can share your feedback directly in the comment section or through the inbox. We want to know if you find this helpful guide.