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Hair extensions have grown in popularity massively over the last few years. While they were initially advertised as products for those without ample hair, hair extensions are now a fashion-forward accessory. Given their great popularity, hair extensions have also evolved in quality and type.

Today, hair extensions are available not only in a variety of hair colors, textures, and lengths but also in a variety of makes. People can easily find hair extensions made from artificial or synthetic hair, animal hair, as well as human hair. Even within the different categories, hair extensions are available in varying qualities. For example, Remy hair extensions are the highest quality real human extensions.

With more and more people wearing hair extensions, questions regarding the best manner to put them on are floating around. If worn currently, human hair extensions do not even look like hair extensions. People around you would think that they are your natural hair. So if you are wondering how to wear hair extensions, ideally, keep reading.

Steps to wear hair extensions

Step 1: Purchase good quality hair extensions. The first step is to find the best human hair extensions available in your region and within your budget. Hair extensions come at different prices. Therefore it is essential to buy from a reliable source that will sell you good quality products at the right price.

Step 2: Comb your hair. Hair extensions are now available in the form of easy clip-on. While placing them is relatively simple, preparing your hair and scalp properly is essential. First, comb through your hair to get rid of any knots.

Step 3: Section your hair to determine the ideal placement of hair. Ideally, the hair extensions should be placed around the middle section of your hair. Again, a clean hair partition will enable proper placement.

Step 4: Place the extensions carefully while keeping them straight at an even level. Once this is done, ensure that the extensions’ length aligns with your original. Finally, trim off the excess extension hair. Have a professional do this when you purchase the extensions to simplify life.

Step 5: Once the hair is correctly placed, let down the upper partition, get all your hair free, and comb through to ensure that your original hair and extensions can get comfortably placed with each other so that the hair extensions are not visible separately.

It is important to note that while you place the extensions on your hair, you would need to leave a tiny gap from your scalp and affix the clips on your hair to ensure a strong attachment. Placing the extensions too close to the scalp will not allow the extension clips to hold on strongly enough.

Following these steps will ensure that you have flawlessly attached hair extensions that look gorgeous and give you a new look. Hair extensions are a great way to keep changing your looks without making any changes to your actual hair. The minimal need for styling makes them even more beneficial, thus leading to the popularity they enjoy today.

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