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Virtual health assistants can completely revolutionize our healthcare system by reducing the workload of the overburdened healthcare system.

This will result in falling costs, providing high-quality service to the patients, and increasing the operational efficiency of the health sector as a whole.

The virtual health assistants can improve the conversation between different healthcare providers and patients by providing more information to the end-users.

This will help the healthcare system to improve the processes and reduce costs.

Here we have shared with you how virtual healthcare assistants can help in improving processes and healthcare delivery to the patient.

Important advantages of virtual health assistants

A virtual medical assistant is a remote employee that does not physically sit with you in the hospital and can do work remotely on those tasks that are recurring in nature.

Here are some important recurring tasks that you can ask the virtual medical assistant to do to reduce your workload.

Save time

The virtual assistants can manage the daily jobs which would free the medical practitioner to spend more of his time in his core competency, i.e, providing healthcare service.

Furthermore, you will find that health practitioners spend a greater amount of their time writing patient history, evaluate the treatments, and figure out all the treatment options available.

The medical virtual assistant can take this workload of finding, and systematically collating the patient history and family medical history.

All this information is then presented to the medical practitioner in an easily readable format so that he/she can quickly take an appropriate decision.

Save money in the long-term

If you hire a virtual assistant, then you only have to pay for the time he/she is engaged in doing your work.

This is in sharp contrast to a permanent employee to whom you have to give a fixed salary every month irrespective of their job load.

Therefore, if the workload of your medical profession varies drastically, then we suggest that you should hire a virtual health assistant who will share the load when you have too much on your plate.

In such a situation, you will find that the total revenue outgo is much less compared to the amount you have to pay if you hire permanent staff for your clinic.

The hiring cost of permanent staff and retaining him or her is a costly affair.

On the other hand, hiring a virtual assistant is easy and you have to pay for only that much time that he/she spends on your work.

Furthermore, when you hire a virtual medical assistant then you do not have to rent a space for him/her for the workstation (as they are doing the job from his or her own home).

Additionally, you do not have to pay them benefits like insurance, pension, and so on.

This will cut down your cost significantly and help in improving your ROI.

Available round-the-clock

As a doctor, you do not have a 9 to 5 fixed time job. You are in the business of saving lives.

Therefore, you need an assistant who is available 24/7 and notify you in case there is an emergency or take routine queries on your behalf and let you spend some quality time with your friend or family.

Improved customer relation

Nowadays, there is intense pressure on health professionals.

Therefore, the patients who come to the hospital or clinic face the challenge of overcrowding.

Sometimes, they may feel hesitant about their problems openly in front of others.

If you hire a virtual medical assistant, then he/she can have a one-to-one conversation with the patient on your behalf.

Based on the feedback they can give you the important points so that you can quickly go through the readings and prescribe treatment.

This will help improve the overall experience of the patient.

Higher accountability

When you hire a medical virtual assistant, then you had to get the specific task that needs to be completed within a specific period.

As the task is well defined and the time limit is imposed, you will find that the productivity level of the health sector will increase dramatically.

Specialized task assistance

The virtual medical assistants are hired as they offer specialized domain knowledge regarding the management of your digital medical record and updating these, generating invoices, and so on.

The virtual assistant can offer great backroom services in collating all the lab reports and presenting them to the doctors in time so that they can make the right decision regarding the patient’s treatment.

The virtual medical assistant can also help you in transcribing your calls, organizing them in an easy to read format so that you spend less time finding records and more time treating patients.


Here, we can say that virtual assistants can help medical professionals to speed up their daily tasks & reduce the load on the system.

Besides these, there are various ways virtual assistants can be useful to medical professionals as well as the healthcare industry. To know more, refer to this quick guide on voice technology in healthcare.

By adopting virtual assistants, you can create a responsive environment for the entire staff at your hospital or the clinic. Also, your reputation as a health practitioner will increase exponentially.