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Even with the balmy Arabian Sea breeze wafting in to clean the Mumbai pollution, Mumbai’s air quality still suffers. We have entered an era of face masks, anti-allergic drugs, and a dire need for more oxygen. It doesn’t matter if you live on the 23rd floor in a spacious 3 BHK flat in Mumbai; the air quality is deteriorating at all altitudes. At a time when healthy air is a luxury, the focus of this article is to guide those who want to elevate the air quality of their home and breathe cleaner air. Clean air is not only a much-needed respite for tired lungs, but it also provides a meditative retreat and heals the mind as well as the body.

The key is windows.

Opening windows and allowing cross-ventilation voids a house of stagnant air and negative energy. A place with moving air will allow positivity to flow through the walls. No matter how big or small the apartment is, a house with crisp, flowing wind will always be more welcoming than a house with static air. Windows allow natural ventilation to a house, it costs nothing to open windows, and they make a significant difference to the air quality of a home. One might wonder, if it is polluted outside, any ventilation might allow the pollutants to travel in. In a cross-ventilation situation, the clean or polluted air doesn’t stay in the house. It passes through, taking the indoor contaminants with it.

Purifiers are air sanitisers.

Air purifiers became all the rage during the pandemic. Several types of air cleansers are available in the market, and one can find a purifier suited to their budget. These come with filters which trap dirt and contaminants, releasing clean, healthy air. An air purifier’s efficiency depends on how much air it has to purify and where it is placed. Air purifiers have been shown to deplete any allergens in an enclosed environment significantly. People with dust allergies, asthma, bronchitis or any inflammatory diseases have felt relieved after purchasing an air purifier. House plants have also been shown to reduce chemicals and pollutants in the air. They make any corner look elegant, and they help your lungs out. A planter of Bamboo Palm beside your bed or a pot of Azaleas on your dresser will elevate your bedroom decor and cleanse the air for a more positive home dynamic.

Humidify the stress away.

Air humidifiers are somewhat like air purifiers, but they add moisture to the air while they clean it. A congested sinus, nasal blockage and irritation, and dehydrated skin are all causes of being in dry air. Fans and ACs are off during winter, so the air is warmer, resulting in patchy skin. Dry air can also cause cough and throat irritation. As we now know the importance of moist air, an air humidifier is paramount for those looking to clean their home’s air. A small air humidifier is enough to moisten the environment, and if fragrant diffuser water is added to the humidifier, the air will smell lovely while it’s being cleaned. Essential oils like Eucalyptus oil, Parijat oil, Lavender oil and Lemongrass oil add a calming aroma to a clean home.

For those looking for homes in Mumbai, whether the search is for 3 BHK for luxury flats in Mumbai or a quaint little 1 BHK, making sure the house is well-ventilated and allows cross-flow of breeze is fundamental. Websites like are particular regarding people’s housing needs. Homes which are Vaastu compliant and have sprawling lawns are in abundance, which makes the search for a home precise and uncomplicated.