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Are you a dental professional looking for a top-rated dental lab serving California? Burbank Dental Lab is the best place to go. Burbank Dental Lab is a leading full-service dental lab located at 2101 Floyd St, Burbank, California 91504, United States. Since the inception of this dental lab several decades ago, they’ve been serving dental professionals in California and its environs with high-quality dental restorations. The goal of Burbank’s reliable dental lab is to be a vital part of your dental restoration team. They love to work closely with dental professionals to help them offer top-notch patient satisfaction.

Qualities To Expect From A Dental Laboratory


Efficiency is a key characteristic of a good dental lab. One of the most disheartening things a professional in the dental practice can experience is the inability to offer quality service to patients efficiently. This could be due to delays on the part of their dental clinic. Sadly, several dental laboratories encounter delays in serving dental professionals either due to insufficient staff or poor organization. As a dental professional, make sure you work with a dental lab that can increase your efficiency. When you work with Burbank Dental Lab, you can rest assured that your work will be delivered promptly. This is because they have over 150 employees who work tirelessly to keep dental professionals satisfied.

Highly trained Specialist

You can rely on these labs to provide high-quality samples and supplies, professional guidance on best practices, and instruction on how to utilize their tools. On the other hand, you won’t be able to trust whatever your lab produces if its technicians aren’t adequately trained.

Continuous Education

Your interaction with your dental lab should go beyond a simple case-related inquiry. Speak with your lab if you have any concerns about the most recent technologies in the field, dental practice improvement strategies, or ways to boost case success. A professional dental lab can offer you a variety of viewpoints about several aspects of dentistry. Dental labs usually have access to trend information in the dental care sector because they continuously educate themselves. They have also offered services to numerous dentists and have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Additionally, you should have the assurance that your lab makes use of cutting-edge techniques and tools and instructs its staff on evolving procedures. You might want to start looking for a new lab if you think yours is falling behind.

Standard Manufacturing

To save money, some dental laboratories outsource their supplies and machinery from foreign nations. Labor and production materials are less expensive in places like the Philippines, India, Vietnam, or China, so some dental companies prefer to outsource dental restoration production to some of these countries. Sometimes, the super-low prices offered by these countries are due to inexpensive substandard materials and swift, unskilled labor.

Furthermore, the majority of foreign producers do not adhere to ADA or FDA compliance regulations, which means that their products may not be safe to use and may even be prohibited from distribution in the United States. You should only engage with dental labs like Burbank Dental Lab that obtain their equipment domestically because quality is such a crucial aspect of the dental and medical sectors.

Understanding of Complex Cases

If you work in the dentistry field, you presumably deal with complex, unusual cases regularly. Sometimes you need a second opinion when dealing with a case, and you can get such from your dental lab. For instance, Burbank Dental Lab can assign you a knowledgeable dental technician to be part of your dental restoration team. This means you can brainstorm with your dental technician to resolve a seemingly complex case. This way, you’ll effectively come up with an effective treatment strategy and can handle various challenging dental cases.

The finest labs have specialists who will be able to guide you through the best approaches to tackle these problems because they have experience with challenging cases.

The bottom line is that choosing the best dental lab to work with is essential to managing a successful, lucrative, and high-quality dentistry business. You can rely on Burbank Dental Lab, a family-run, full-service laboratory, to give your dental practice the best service, guidance, and products available. Whether your dental practice is located in California or surrounding areas, Burbank Dental Lab will offer you outstanding services. Contact them today to request any of their products and supplies or to speak with a representative.