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With the vast and open access to various research, we may be a little overwhelmed by the information we read and hear about different foods and drinks. Brewed tea is one of the topics of researchers, who are worried about the contamination of tea leaves, or the unhealthy influence of tea bags on our health, forgetting about the positive impact it may have. One of the solutions for tea lovers, who don’t want to resign from drinking it, is instant tea. Is instant tea as healthy as brewed tea?

Why should we drink tea?

The last study shows clearly that tea in the ultimate amount is definitely a good choice for our health. Tea is claimed to lower the risk of dementia, depression, Parkinson’s disease, or even ovarian cancer.

Tea is believed to have lots of positive minerals and vitamins, and when brewed at the proper temperature, together with other foods, it will help to keep our bodies healthy. Tea contains fluoride, manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and some B vitamins.

Is instant tea as healthy as brewed tea?

The answer to the question, of whether instant tea is as healthy as brewed tea, is not so easy, as there are different types of instant tea. Make sure you buy the best quality instant tea powder sachets, then you can be sure you won’t hurt your body drinking such tea.

If you choose the just add water tea from a renowned producer which takes care of the quality of the powder, you will receive the base for tasty and healthy drinks. To be honest, instant teas may even be healthier than brewed tea, and it’s all possible due to the way of the powder preparation.

Instant tea is a form of tea that is made by extracting the flavours and active compounds from tea leaves and then dehydrating the resulting liquid into a powder or granulated form. This powder can be rehydrated by adding hot or cold water, allowing for quick and convenient preparation of tea. That means no risk of using too hot water for brewing, which kills all beneficial substances.

What’s more, instant tea is often enriched with special substances, which have a really positive influence on the body. After all, can you imagine brewing green tea together with apple and ginger flavour, enhanced with a blend of baobab and acacia – the best mix for your immunity?

Or how often do you brew purple tea, rich in anthocyanin, accompanied with blueberry, acerola cherry, acai flavour and hibiscus extract? Such tea is full of antioxidants, stopping your body from getting older.

Why should you drink instant tea?

When you already know instant tea is not only healthy but may even be healthier than brewed tea,  you have to remember what instant tea to drink.

First of all, buy instant tea from only trusted producers, who offer you premium tea extracts, with antioxidants that are naturally derived. It’s important that instant tea has no added sugar, which is really bad for our bodies if we use too much of it. Remember to avoid artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

Instant tea is a great way of keeping your body hydrated, as not everyone likes drinking water without any extras. With a wide range of natural flavours, such instant tea powder may be mixed with cold water and taken in a refillable bottle for a walk or jogging in the park.

Drink instant tea and make your body happy, with the vitamins and minerals lowering the risk of heart disease, thanks to antioxidants, improving weight maintenance and boosting metabolism, stimulating mental alertness and concentration thanks to caffeine, and hydrating your body for beautiful skin, hair, and nails.